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CloudBerry Backup for Small Business Server Essentials

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Best backup and disaster recovery solutions
By JohnR
I have been using CloudBerry Backup for Small Business Server Essentials for several years now, through several revisions of Windows from the original Home Server to Server 2012 Essentials. This has been my goto app to lifecycle data to local storage, then to S3, and finally to Glacier. All managed in one easy to use interface.

CoudBerry Lab is a great AWS Partner with the Storage competency and I highly recommend them. Given the price point of these products, just get it, set it, and you will worry less about your data recoverability.

Keep in mind that recoverability of the data is what this is all about. There are many ways to push data to the cloud, or to local storage, but the real value comes in when you need to get some or all of that data back. Hardware will fail and based on my experience, this is the tool and team you want to be working with for rapid recovery. Architect for failure; it will happen.

The CloudBerry products are built, backed, and supported by a great team of individuals that are there to help when called upon. They consistently exceeded expectations when engaged.

Long term customer; highly recommended.
Cloudberry Backup for SBS2011
By Jack
I have a home network which involves a server and several computers. The server is used to store pictures, movies, tv shows, etc. Initially the server was Windows Home Server 2011 and then I upgraded to Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. I tried several backup options for the approx. 3 TB of data and finally settled on Cloudberry Backup for SBS2011. The installation is simple and the program integrates seamlessly with the Dashboard. At first I simply backed up the data locally to a pool of drives which worked flawlessly. In the meantime I looked for an inexpensive cloud option to also backup the 3 TB to the cloud. I decided on Google Nightline. I don't need regular access so this worked for me and it is inexpensive. So far I have backed up about 1TB to Google Nightline using Cloudberry backup and the process has been excellent. I also have been using Cloudberry Explorer to access the data in the cloud and this has been excellent as well. The only negative I have encountered so far is the e-mail notification hastn't worked to date. Support is working on this.
Cloudberry is the Best!!
By Kell
I have been through 8 different programs that were supposed to backup to my Rsync server.... None of them really worked that well... some didn't work at all!
Cloudberry was easy to setup, easy to manage and worked great from day one!

I have all my contract customers now using this software to create a level of offsite back up that I wanted!

Great Product!!!!!!
Resourceful AddIn for Microsoft SBS 2011 Server Essentials
By Satisfied With Cloudberry
Our company has been using Cloudberry on our Microsoft SBS 2011 Server Essentials for 2 years now and it works fast and Great. Tech support for product was very helpful and using Cloudberry to backup data to Amazon S3 is fast and very cost effective.

I highly recommend this product.
The Best Backup Solution!
By Average Joe
Cloudberry Backup is the ultimate backup software solution! I first heard about Cloudberry on the Home Server Show podcast, then I heard Steve Gibson sing its praises on his Security Now podcast. His assessment of its implementation of the encryption algorithms sold me on its quality. When I upgraded my home system to Server 2012 Essentials, I installed Cloudberry Backup for SBS Essentials and set up separate backups to Amazon S3 (for immediate backups) and Glacier (for archival of older data). More recently, I installed Cloudberry Desktop version on our church’s data “server” and set it to back up our important files to AWS S3. I regularly check the consistency of these backups by reinstalling a file, and I have found it to operate flawlessly in every case.
There is nothing that I dislike about Cloudberry, but I do have some favorite features. Most important is local control of the encryption keys, so my data cannot be decrypted once it leaves my machines. For this, it uses up to 256-bit AES encryption, which is state of the art. Then this encrypted blob is uploaded over SSL for even more protection during transit. All this heavy lifting is made simple by its user interface, which is well documented and easy to navigate using the wizards. I have email notifications activated for each backup, which gives me the added benefit of knowing that the church server is running! Attached or network drives can also be used for local redundancy.
I am definitely a fan of Cloudberry!
Solid Product
By Thomas Thoma
I have been testing the software for over a month now and I am very happy wit the results. The support is excellent. One to one webminar was also available to explain the features of the product in detail


Great addition to Server 2012 Essentials
By Cheryll
Cloudberry Backup integrates seamlessly into the Essentials 2012 Dashboard, and is a great complement to the built-in Server Backup. The backups run reliably and the reporting options allow you to keep tabs on what is happening. Support from the supplier has been prompt and helpful. Highly recommended!
Fantastic Piece of Software, Powerful, Easy to Use, Very Impressed!
By Joe I.
I have been using Cloudberry backup for several months. I started with the Windows Home Server version, and loved it. I outgrew my windows home server, but didn't want to give up Cloudberry. It combines a simple backup interface with the ability to backup large amounts of data to amazon s3 and glacier. Right now I'm backing up about 800gb of pictures, videos, and PC backups. I have done a few test restores, and everything worked flawlessly. I'm extremely happy with the performance of cloudberry and definitely recommend it!

Additionally, I have contacted cloudberry support in the past, and they were extremely prompt and very pleasant to deal with in response to all of my requests.
Inexpensive, powerful, easy to use
By António Marques
Have been using CloudBerry since I installed an SBS 2011 Essentials server, to backup to Amazon S3. I've since upgraded my server to Windows Server Essentials 2012 and the program works flawlessly. Besides, now it also supports Amazon Glacier.
Easy to configure, easy to use, very fast. And I think the price is really good, for such a feature-rich product that is ready for the Enterprise.
Highly recommended.
Excellent Product
Excellent product
I highly recommend CloudBerry Backup for all backup needs. I have been using CloudBerry Backup for Windows Home Server 2011 for more than a year and have recently upgraded to the new CloudBerry Backup for Small Business Server Essentials 2012.

The software is maintained by a crack team of programmers that add feature after feature through seamless updates. As an added bonus the customer service is second to none.

Whether you are in need of a cloud, remote, local or NAS backup they have it covered. My personal preference is to have a full back-up to a NAS with another specialized backup that runs to a swappable drive that I carry off site. I also run a backup for my irreplaceable data to the cloud.

The software integrates seamlessly into WHS 2011 and SBS Essential 2012 as well as any network storage, local storage and cloud based storage. The software is extremely easy to setup and use, In fact once setup I can just forget it. Maintenance can be setup on a schedule just like the backups.

As you can tell I have nothing but good to say and rightly so, they have done right by me. They have a customer for life!
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