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CloudBerry Explorer PRO for Amazon S3

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Awesome product. Excellent!
By AWS Guy
My company has been using CloudBerry since it was introduced, primarily to back up assets in our data centers to S3 Storage. Since then, we've begun using CloudBerry's advanced features to automate all types of secure file transfers to not only S3 but to other secure locations as well. I give CloudBerry an A+!
Really simple! I like it!!!
By Andrea
I haven’t been using Explorer Pro so much since I will need only in case I need to restore some files here and there from my backup on S3 (and I hope that I will have to do it as late as possible!!!).
By the way it seems to be a pretty piece of a software. It’s easy to use and it has (it seems to have) everything that is needed.
Basically I like it because it’s simple to use!
Great, Super Featured AWS S3 Bucket Manager Software!!!! MUST HAVE!!!!
By Hugo Barbosa
Explorer PRO is simply an AWESOME piece of software!!! I got started using cloud services about five years ago. I tried just about everything: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, Box and more... But when I heard about Amazon S3 and their incredible low costs, I just jumped to the opportunity of testing their service... Amazon services are simply remarkable, however, their uploading website tools, are way too far of what a powerful software should do. I tried some plugins for Chrome, but then again, just the idea of signing into a browser to get started, makes me waste time instead of working on what cloud storage management should be. The good news were waiting for me, when I started checking reviews on several professional sites that discussed this matter, so after trying several software programs, I came across CloudBerry Explorer PRO, and without adding any additional comments, it has increased my productivity at work in about 100%, saving dozens of prime working hours with an endless array of features that the more I use them, the easier and more organized my life becomes, setting permissions, moving files between S3 and my website's server, creating signed links which are becoming very popular and useful these days. I could spend the whole day talking about what CloudBerry Explorer PRO can do for you. I didn't bother trying their "free" option, since the PRO features and worth every dollar I paid for this software. And one last thing: There could be a hundred Cloud Management Tools out there, but when it comes to friendly and prompt professional support, CloudBerry Lab's Team is ready to help you out, answering all your questions in full detail, providing you with quick reference links, like NOBODY else does. Never in my life I wrote such a long review, but sincerely, I think now I have time to do more important things, and leave the heavy tasks of transferring files, creating dozen of buckets our for customers and more... to CloudBerry Explorer PRO.

Hugo Barbosa /
Fantastic Application for Managing AWS!
By Steve Lawrence
I have found Cloudberry Pro to be a very effective tool for managing all of my Amazon Cloudfront accounts. It was a small price to pay for such a powerful utility. It’s much more user-friendly than the Amazon dashboard; being very intuitive, and very easy to use. I have already recommended it to several of my colleagues.
Reliable Software
By TomT
I am an IT consultant of several non-profit organizations. One of them just started Amazon Glacier, and I was looking for an reliable and easy tool to upload files to the server.

I tested a couple of similar software including FastGlacier, one of the most popular ones, but I ended up with CloudBerry Explorer. It is much easier and more reliable to manage files on Glacier.

I needed a feature of Pro version, and I upgraded from their free version to this.

The best thing is their support. They support me even how to use it.
CloudBerry makes using AWS services simple!
By Administrator ACE
We tried working through the online interfaces and well as browser-based solutions, but none of them provided the ease-of-use as Cloudberry Explorer. We started with the Free version, but upgraded to Pro because of the benefit of using advanced features such as the IAM policy editor.

I highly recommend this product.

Eric Korb
CTO, American College of Education -
Recommandable software
By Ano Nym
I use the CloudBerry Explorer Pro to syncronize or archive data between my laptop, workstation@home & workstation@office.

For me the main benefits are:
.)the configuration to access Amazon S3 is easy
.)Upload to / Download from Amazon S3 is like using a file manager
.) no need to use Amazon S3 Management Console

In contrast to the Freeware version the pro Version offers additional useful features like:
.) upload / download of multiple files
.) comparison of folders
.) Sync Folders
.) Show different versions of archived files

CloudBerry Explorer has an awesome support - I wrote an e-mail and got help/a solution within one hour!
Great interface and extremely useful functionality
By Patrick Rickles
I'm part of an educational institution using Amazon cloud services, structuring development solutions for our students. They compile information, critical to their research, and until now have been storing files on hard drives with ad hoc backups. With CloudBerry, we're able to easily leverage our Amazon services to provide S3 buckets for backup and handle versioning of files intelligently. Their staff are quick to respond and friendly. If you're using Amazon for your company's needs, I would definitely recommend CloudBerry to take advantage of its full potential.
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