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CloudBerry Explorer PRO for Amazon S3

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Straight software and all the functions you need!
By Henrik Boetius
I am using CloudBerry Explorer Pro in connection with S3.
I am administrating a newsletter service, when working with S3 manually I use The Cloudberry Explorer Pro.
Great software.
Worth it to get the Pro version of Cloudberry Explorer
By Eric
If you make heavy use of your cloud storage ( in my case that means Amazon S3 ) then it is worth your trouble to upgrade to professional. There are several useful features, but what I find best is the multithreading. It really speeds things up when you can get half a dozen or more files moving at the same time. The customer service at Cloudberry is excellent too, by the way. I've been using these products for several years now.
Great tool
By Frode Bakken Nilsen
CloudBerry is a great tool, easy to get started with and allows for easy backup of data to the cloud. Have used it for Glacier without issues, and would happily recommend it to anyone thinking of backing their data to the cloud.
First class access to AWS S3
By Ed van Velzen
Cloudberry Explorer PRO is a great way to access and manage Amazon storage on S3. It is the first product I have seen so far that offers rock solid access to your S3 storage. Cloudberry Explorer PRO has a clear interface that supports drag and drop style for moving files and directories into the cloud. The synchronisation option of this product is especially useful for ensuring that all files are indeed stored in S3 as expected. Where other products often fail during transferral of files, Cloudberry Explorer PRO simply maintains a solid connection into S3 with more management options than AWS itself is able to offer.
Access ever class of storage with ease
By Kento
I've used it to upload my contents to S3 and some backup file to Glacier.
Obviously it provides fluent UI for S3, and for Glacier, even its complicated API.
A Required Tool
By Michael Cameron
CloudBerry Explorer Pro is a required tool for us to monitor our data and integrity. A must have as far as our company is concerned. Simple and easy navigation.
Simply the best!
By KingKong
CloudBerry Explorer is the best when it comes to Amazon S3 storage management. I have used ton of the software out there, but it's far superior to others. 5 Start rating for this wonderful tool of my arsenal.
Top AWS client application
By Rudolf Boogerman
CloudBerry S3 Explorer is the best client application available on Windows to manage your Cloud Storage.
It has powerful options like IAM user management, setup of bucket policies, web and RTMP distributions without any technical knowledge.
We highly recommend it for our customers of S3Media Stream (a plugin to setup private RTMP streaming videos and audios on Joomla and WordPress).
The great thing is that is automates a lot of things with a user friendly interface. We never had any problems with this application and our customers love it as well.
Extremely helpful, well put-together software
By Bill Turner
Very happy to have a non-clunky way to access and manage our S3 folders!

Explorer Pro is easy to use, with an uncluttered but useful and clear interface. Much, much easier to manage my files than through Amazon's web interface. In short, it's awesome.
CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3
By Ritvars Radvilavics
CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3: It is superb to be able to manage media file storage on Amazon S3 without any hassle, as Amazon’s provided web interface is not user friendly overcomplicated with information and buttons. CloudBerry was able to spot that opportunity and create something of a FileZilla equivalent thus easy and quick to use with clear file permission settings and blazing fast in upload and download.
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