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Perfect tool for custom CDN
By Daniel Raymond
We have our own CDN using Amazon S3 + Cloudfront, and we need to gzip + set max-age header on all files easily.

CloudBerry Explorer is the ideal tool, allowing us to configure "upload rules", that automatically gzip files, add content-encoding gzip, + cache-control: max-age just by drag-dropping the files!

The perfect tool for those who set their CDN on Amazon.
S3 Explorer PRO - Saved me when Microsoft disappointed!
By Finn Jensen
Just bought S3 Explorer PRO. Have just started using Amazon Cloud Drive (after Microsoft changed the unlimited OneDrive storage to limited). S3 Explorer PRO works great for moving files in both directions – it even resumes up/download after closing the program without finishing the current job. Thanks Regards, Finn Jensen, Denmark
By Apoorva Mondal
IT really helps to access your files with so many functions. Especially the new wizard policy which allows you to set permission to even block the admin to make changes in the buckets, if you are in some others account.
Professional Grade
By Philisophe
Luv the Product..Luv the People...

No integration issues...

We use it for all Amazon Online Products..Online support is
very good..

We also use the line drive product....................
Cloudberry S3 Explorer Pro is intuitive and performant!
By John Spinney
I required an S3 file download tool for windows late last week in order to quickly bring many large files to a local machine for analysis. The tool supports multi-select as well as drag-n-drop and performed all downloads concurrently with percentage completion status. I couldn't have asked for more simplicity.
Well done!
Very quickly connected to AWS, backed up and created AWS Import job
By Ralph Gauer
CloudBerry Pro has a neat set of features for AWS data transfer and maintenance, and for general (meaning non-AWS) FTP use too. It includes a folder comparison tool, a wide range of AWS tools (including IAM manager) and a really clean interface. I was able to connect to my AWS account, move data and compare folders immediately.

I also created my first AWS Import job, allowing me to send in data on external media rather than by upload: CloudBerry walks you through the job creation process and at the end you're presented with the Amazon job signature file needed when you send in your external media, and with a PDF file containing the shipping label.

I have been a WsFTP user for many years, but Pro seems to have all of its standard FTP features plus a whole assortment of AWS features .... and maybe more of a 21st century UI. Very happy with it thus far.
Cloudberry Explorer Pro
By Mike Peck
I’m new to AWS so I don’t have any battle stories about previous methods of using the service. This just makes it easy like Filezilla did for FTP. I could have spent many hours learning what AWS has to offer and how to use it, S3 Explorer Pro made it all available to me in an easy to understand format.

I'm also using Cloudberry Server Backup on a file server in a small remote office. I was using Carbonite until they raised their prices for server backup. This works better anyhow!
CloudBerry Lab's in-depth knowledge of S3 really shines!
By MIDIPanic
Really amazing job! CloudBerry Lab's in-depth knowledge of Amazon S3 really shines in Explorer Pro. It leverages capabilities of Amazon S3 not available to the average user. For example, the ability to search (Pro version) is amazing given that Amazon S3 is a random collection of binary objects and has no inherent search capability. Although search seems limited to files names currently, even that is hugely helpful! Also, the ability to display properties of any bucket, (virtual) folder or file (including total size, total folders and total files) is very impressive. For example, I just searched and displayed the properties of a 1.5 TB bucket created with CloudBerry Online Backup in just a few minutes despite S3's non-indexed nature. And this just scratches the surface of Explorer's capabilities to manipulate S3 (and wells as integrate S3 with Glacier). Very impressive.
CloudBerry Explorer Pro - excellent for S3 management
By F. Michael O'Brien
I almost exclusively manage my S3 filesystem using CloudBerry Explorer Pro. I was introduced to CloudBerry at my previous AWS cloud provider. I continue to use CloudBerry for my personal AWS accounts as an alternative to the S3 explorer at Amazon. I find it very easy to use, very fast and have not experienced any file corruption or issues.

I recommend the software as part of a cloud developer's toolkit

thank you
/Michael OBrien
CloudBerry Explorer Pro for Amazon S3 is a must have tool!
By James Reeves
We recently migrated our storage to AWS S3. We downloaded the free (fully functioning) CloudBerry Explorer Pro for Amazon S3. Within minutes we were setup and viewing and managing S3.

Great product.
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