CloudBerry Explorer PRO for Amazon S3

CloudBerry Explorer makes managing files in Amazon S3 storage easy. By providing a user interface to Amazon S3 accounts, files, and buckets, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer. CloudBerry Explorer PRO offers some advanced features over Freeware version. It makes managing files Amazon S3 in even easier, more secure and cost efficient. By providing a user interface to Amazon S3 accounts, files, and buckets, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer. See more

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Excellent product and support

  • By Bill Reid
  • on 10/14/2016

I've used the free version for awhile and now have upgraded to the Pro version. Both work flawlessly and their tech support is very knowledgeable and responsible to questions. I'm looking at their Cloudberry Drive next.


  • By John O'Groats
  • on 10/10/2016

The freeware seemed to open up about 2 threads, but PRO opens 6 or 7 and that makes it faster. Just moved a mature organisation's historic server up onto the cloud with this software and while I have issues, Cloudberry Explorer PRO is not a part of them. It's behaved immaculately.

Intuitive, reliable quality software

  • By HK
  • on 10/06/2016

Absolutely wonderful front end for AWS-S3 and Glacier Data Storage and long term archiving. Had used the free version of Cloudberry and FastGlacier for couple of months until I was convinced that Cloudberry was a superior option. It is intuitive, to use and configure, simple installation very reliable and effictive. it is not limited to AWS-S3 or Glacier alone it also permits you to use a myriad of online storage services, local to cloud, cloud to cloud... One product for all. The free version is adequate for light users, however, for a few dollars you have considerable faster connection speeds along with no bandwidth or size limitations. Easily worth the money... Customer support is superb, for months they answered my many questions, promptly and courteously. Customer service did not stop after purchase either, Satisfied user. highly recommend, for all experience levels... (sans my grandma perhaps) ;o)

Works perfectly!

  • By AJ
  • on 09/16/2016

We've been using Cloudberry Explorer for at least 3 years and it has never caused us a problem - even when working with 1.5 million image files. Productivity would be severely reduced without it!

Just works

  • By My_life_is_the_cloud
  • on 09/11/2016

I have used it for quite a while now and will buy a PRO license due to its enhanced features over the non-PRO-version. It is very handy indeed compared to the clumsy interface of Amazon’s s3 web file copy. I do find it interesting that Amazon does not seem to have a front developer to fix theirs, but I assume CloudBerry labs are happy having business as a result ;)

Great software!

  • By
  • on 08/22/2016

CloudBerry Explorer Pro made our file management SO MUCH EASIER, especially permissions and file attributes! Incredible tool. I highly recommend it.

Finally... This plays nice with Amazon Cloud!

  • By j sweetman
  • on 06/27/2016

So far I am very excited about Explorer PRO. It is making the Amazon Prime subscription worth the money! I plan on buying it in the next few days and I’m also looking into your backup product. I’ve been looking for a product that would make working with Amazon easy and yours does. Thank you.

Cloudberry Explorer Pro - Best s3 Esxplorer I have used

  • By DSW
  • on 04/11/2016

I have been using Cloudberry Explorer Pro now for several years. This product has never let me down and is very easy to use. I manage my own and client s3 buckets using this product and never had to use support regarding any issues. Fantastic product!

Great Product - Great Service

  • By Jonathan Blain
  • on 03/13/2016

I'm no technical expert, but I have found CloudBerry really easy to use. I was recommended it by Rudolf Boogerman, creator of S3Media Stream, which I use to stream video from Amazon to my Joomla Website.

I recently had to contact technical support, when my laptop went back for warranty repair and got factory reset. When I had problems activating the license, they sorted it out for me straight away. I got a personal service and really appreciated that.

Compare and Sync alone makes Cloudberry PRO worth the money

  • By Tony Publiski
  • on 02/10/2016

I've been using Cloudberry for home and work for many years now, but a few months ago I started using a cloud-based VM with a mounted s3fs share to download some data on a new bucket. I had been doing this for years from my home, but wanted to make sure I had redundancy and ability to download files I needed more quickly than my home-based connection would allow. My problem became how best to make sure I had all of my data in both places, for easy access at home, as well as easy access when I'm traveling or working remotely. I knew I could just copy all of my data using Cloudberry, but I really didn't want to have to re-upload gigabytes of data that already existed! I finally broke down and purchased Cloudberry PRO, and it was just amazing. As a regular unix user, I've relied on rsync for years, but it's just not reliable with s3fs. With Cloudberry PRO, I was able to easily setup many folders and sync just those certain folders, or sync the entire bucket. Since I would often saturate my connection syncing everything at once, I actually ended up going both ways, and Cloudberry PRO offered many options to make this work just the way I wanted it to. Start out syncing the folders that I used most often, then get a delta of everything else. There are more options than I've needed to use so far, but things like the ability sync or skip on certain file types I'm certain can come in handy in other situations. As for my bandwidth issue, I ultimtely overcame that with a feature that's not PRO-specific, allowing me to set a max bandwidth usage and a max number of simultaneous uploads. Other useful features that help that are PRO-specific would be allowing for multi-part uploads and multi-threading.

If you have been using Cloudberry's free version, this is absolutely a recommended upgrade if for no other reason than to support the company that offers it. If you just need a great product to make maintaining your s3 buckets a snap, this is the only one you'll ever need. Now if only they'd make a version for Mac, it'd be a huge plus for Mac users as well as Windows. :)