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CloudBerry Explorer PRO for Amazon S3

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Excellent Tool
By D. B. Foster
I have used the free version of this tool for a couple of years now for file management. It is an excellent tool which makes things so easy and I wouldn’t be without it now. Recently I bought the pro version as I really did need to try and understand the IAM system. For a small enterprise, the latter did seem like overkill, being a subject in itself but I was determined to comply with AWS’s best practice. However, the tool was a great help in understanding IAM and achieving the best setup for us.
Explorer Pro is the Bee's Knees!
By Amazon Customer
I can browse all my buckets and even get a graphical chart of how much space is being used and where (similar to windirstat only in pie-chart). It works with various encryption schemes, making retrieving a single file from a backup a breeze. Totally worth the $$!
CloudBerry S3 Explorer PRO makes life soooo easy with Amazon S3 and a PC!
By Ron
Ever struggle with remembering buckets, secret keys, public keys,security settins, and all of the other stuff that Amazon AWS requires you know just to put and get files onto their server?

How about just figuring out the web link and security settings required to share a file with others? Just click the security tab and set it as you wish. e.g. public and read access. Then click the "web link" button to get not only a full path link but also the option of a short link! Send that link to others and now others can see your file! Brilliantly clean and simple!

CloudBerry Explorer PRO turns it into a Windows Explorer looking interface. (okay, maybe an Explorer on steroids interface for S3) Drag and drop files in either direction: Windows to/from S3.

I've used other tools, but they all seem so clunky. CloudBerry has made it so intuitive that I'll actually start using Amazon S3 for more things!

Good stuff!
Awesome Product.
By Sudhir Kumar Sharma
This is great tool to explore your content at AWS.

It makes a great combination with CloudBerry Desktop Backup edition.

This simplifies your task to remember your photos and other important data to backup at regular interval. You can set custom schedule to make all your computer backed up regularly at S3 in simple steps.
I am impressed with Block level feature to store more date in less cost.

Great Tool
By George Hache
CloudBerry Explorer PRO is great. I use it to synchronize, archive and compare data on different Cloud Storage Systems and my computers. Works flawlessly every time. It is a must.
A must use app to make life easy with AWS S3
By Taral
We have our own app which stores thousands of images on AWS S3.
I came to know that due to certain coding issue, we were required to update metadata on lots of images.

It was not an easy task with AWS console but just a click of task with Cloudberry. It saved my hundreds of man hours and all manual efforts as well saved from manual mistaked.

Great work by Cloudberry Team.
Great time saver for multiple installs
By Royale Group of Companies
CloudBerry Explorer PRO is great for small businesses that have multiple installations. It simplifies the process of dealing with buckets, and is a more intuitive interface for all the power that Cloudberry's products provide.
Must-Have Tool for AWS
By Brad Crawford
Explorer PRO is a huge time saver. It makes easy work of S3 bucket permissions/policies and I use it all the time for viewing stats on my folder sizes. It's an absolute must-have tool for managing my AWS environment.
Perfect tool for custom CDN
By Daniel Raymond
We have our own CDN using Amazon S3 + Cloudfront, and we need to gzip + set max-age header on all files easily.

CloudBerry Explorer is the ideal tool, allowing us to configure "upload rules", that automatically gzip files, add content-encoding gzip, + cache-control: max-age just by drag-dropping the files!

The perfect tool for those who set their CDN on Amazon.
S3 Explorer PRO - Saved me when Microsoft disappointed!
By Finn Jensen
Just bought S3 Explorer PRO. Have just started using Amazon Cloud Drive (after Microsoft changed the unlimited OneDrive storage to limited). S3 Explorer PRO works great for moving files in both directions – it even resumes up/download after closing the program without finishing the current job. Thanks Regards, Finn Jensen, Denmark
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