CloudBerry Backup for Windows Home Server 2011

Simple and fast backup to Amazon S3 cloud. CloudBerry Backup is a secure online backup solution that helps organizations to store backup copies of their data in online storage. It is a powerful Backup and Restore program designed to leverage Amazon S3 technology to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable. See more

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Good product

  • By Paul mcdonald
  • on 03/12/2016

Works well, easy to install, I had a couple of questions and support team responded within. Couple of hours. Recommend this product.

Excellent Product

  • By Greg Gauthier
  • on 10/01/2012

Very easy to use and setup. The staff that work for this company are very pleasant and super fast to help you out. Product works with a variety of options. Hopefully FTP will come soon. GUI is well designed. As a procurement Officer for over 12 years in the Federal Government I was very pleased with the way they handled my personal requirements.

Very Nice Product

  • By Colin Puleston
  • on 08/28/2012

Well after trying this addin for WHS for a few days, I have to say that, although maybe not the 'easiest' system to get running, once you do you will not be dissapointed.

I'm running this in my home, on a WHS 2011 box (obviously) and using HPCloud as my storage (sorry S3 :) and the only thing I would recommend for the setup is some slightly better instructions, but, with a few google searches, and head scratching, it's all up and running no problem.

As far as the operation of the software - WOW.. it's amazing ... Setup your backups, set the schedules, and leave safe in the knowledge that your data is protected .. It supports block level backups, so there are no worries that I will waste bandwith altering large files, as it only uploads the parts that have actually changed, it supports backing up on a good selection of scheduling (very configurable), data compression & encryption all included if required, and will even sit and monitor your files in real time and backup as soon as you change them, all in the background ...

Overall, I would (and will) recommend this to any WHS 2011 user that is serious about keeping their data safe, and the price is extremely good considering alternative software solutions. Cloudberry also offer 'non profit' free licences (yes I got mine that way), but seriously, after trying it for a few days, I was happily wiling to pay the measly $29.99 anyway, it's a bargain. I looked at a few different options for data storage, and after finding this, need look no more.

Good work cloudberry - one more happy customer :)

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