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CloudBerry Online Backup
By Ritvars Radvilavics
CloudBerry Online Backup: fantastic feature if you are looking to backup and save your data. Generally users can start with 15 GB on Google Drive and move up with cheap rates for 100 GB solutions where they can literally copy paste all their device content and store it in the cloud. I could not recall of a more reliable program than CloudBerry in all direct sense (support 24/7, software reliability, integrability).
Straightforward, flexible, secure
By Paul Groves
CloudBerry Backup Desktop is a very nice piece of software, it's great to have an easy way to backup to cloud storage (not just Amazon S3 and Clacier, but other options too, such as Google Nearline), the scheduling works well and the encryption, compression and block-level backup settings are very useful. No excessive bloat, but straightforward to get to grips with,
Perfect for my home use
By Frederic Prevost (France)
I'm using CloudBerry to backup personnal picture and docs to AWS S3 and I'm fully satisfied by it.
Simple to install and use, powerfull options -> perfect for me.
Easy to use home backup solution
By iLLiad1213
I downloaded a trial version of this product for use with Amazon S3 after testing it at work. It is very easy to use with S3 and combined with S3's low storage prices, it is a great product. I plan to purchase a license now that my trial is up. The addition of block-level backup for files is great so as to not re-upload full files every time the backup is run. Highly recommended.
Cloudberry -Great product!
By Paul
Love it ! Easy to install , use and right price for what I need . Looking forward to product updates and upgrades
Great Backup Solution!
By Noah Bourassa
Cloudberry Desktop Backup has been a great backup solution for me. It provides a reliable backup solution utilizing the very cheap and safe Amazon Cloud Storage, while making it so simple, even I can use it.
Although it's great, cheap, secure and redundant storage, Amazon's S3 storage is not especially easy to manage. Cloudberry makes it simple, which means my backups get done.
I feel much safer using Cloudberry than I ever did backing up to an external drive at my desk. Now I know my data is safe no matter what happens.
Great Product
By Amazon Customer
I have been using Cloudberry backup for several days now and it has proven to be a reliable and intuitive backup product.
There seems to be a dearth of stand-alone backup products for AWS so when I came across this product in a comparison on the web it seemed to be the only true backup solution. I am aware there may be more offerings, but for my needs this fits the bill. I am using the real-time option, which has been working for several days now.
The other great aspect of this company and its products are there special pricing for non-profits which really helped our school out. Also, the responsiveness of their customer service is near instantaneous and to the point.
I HIGHLY recommend this product
Simple, versatile and secure
By Mark Martin
After having used many other backup products, CloudBerry is easy to install, configure and maintain. Add it's ability to be able to use a wide range of cloud storage services, robust scheduling options, sense and back up file changes in real-time it really stands out.

There is also great peace of mind knowing that all the data sent out can be encrypted before it leaves our server where only we have the key. Coupled with everything else, it makes using CloudBerry an easy choice.
Simple Safety - Advanced Features
For those looking to move archive data to the cloud, CloudBerry Backup Desktop Edition is a no-brainer. Initial back-up plans can be configured and launched in minutes and yet there is a wealth of advanced features. There are other clients that manage back-ups to cloud services but few are this full-featured. (And fewer still offer encryption - a must for sending your data to the cloud!) How much is your irreplaceable data worth? $30? Probably a hundred times more than that. If it is truly irreplaceable - think photos and videos of events - it is actually priceless. Get CloudBerry Beckup Desktop Edition today and sleep better knowing that your local data is safe from theft, machine failure, destruction, or natural disaster!
Simple to set up and works great
By Robert K. Ripley
I installed the free trial version on my Windows 7 PC and set it up to do nightly backups to my Microsoft Azure cloud storage account. It was extremely easy to configure. After the initial backup (around 60GB) completed, subsequent backups are very fast. I configured it to email me when it's done with the backup so I can confirm they're getting done. I have it set up to keep multiple versions of my files on Azure and I tested restoring some files and had no problems. The interface has a nice professional layout and I had no troubles whatsoever getting it going without any help documentation. Although I have only been using it for a short time, I am very happy with it so far and have no problems recommending it.
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