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Scalr is the world's most advanced Cloud management software. You can think of Scalr as a sysadmin robot that automates things in your infrastructure. Scalr provides, out of the box, automated failover, backups, scaling, DNS record updates, monitoring/reporting, and EBS volume management. It also integrates with third party tools like Chef. It supports Linux's major distributions (RHEL, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu) and Windows. Scalr is tightly integrated with AWS and supports ELB, CloudWatch, among other things. For databases, Scalr offers pre-made images for MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Redis. See more

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Cost Effective Cloud Management solution

  • By sglabs "sglabs"
  • on 06/22/2012

We are using Scalr (the hosted SaaS version) to manage our AWS based web infrastructure at /, a popular real estate portal in Greece.

Initially it accelerated our move to the cloud thanks to its ready-to-use roles (for open source DB, web servers, caching nodes) that we could customize, as well as the sensible best-practice type of default conventions.

On a day to day basis it has reduced the admin effort per server and its autoscaling capabilities let us control our costs (more servers when we need them, less when we don't).

Deployment and Scripting functionality solves the problem of applying changes to multiple ephemeral servers. Automated Backups, Monitoring, logging capabilities give us confidence we are on top of things and I should mention their support team is great as well.

Overall Scalr is saving us time & effort and reduces our costs and operational risks. Highly recommended.

You can view the slides of my presentations on cloud management and a demo of scalr below:

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