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LAMP Stack with Webmin

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Saves a ton of time. Easy to install
By Rick Bengson
This was exactly what I was looking for. All the ease of VPS with all the benefits of ec2. It was dead simple to setup and before I knew it, we were up and running, managing with ease with Webmin. Highly recommended.
An excellent simple solution
By AmRide
Great server. Booted right up with everything needed, and the webmin installation greatly helps manage the server without the need to use SSH for everything.
Superior customer service
By David Sprunger
I installed the Lamp Stack and made an error in my setup. I emailed Michael at CodeCreator(dot)com. Within a short time he sent me back the fix, along with a screenshot. Great help, thanks.
Deployed the stack, now what?
I purchased this software subscription and deployed it onto my instance but didn't find any documentation on how to get access to the webmin so that my team could configure the application stack (PHP, MySQL) further for code deployment.

There is no support e-mail address/contact info provided on the marketplace page on this product, only points to the website ( for further support. This website is down as of 8:10 AM (GMT+1).

Needed urgent help but no way to get it or even to purchase premium support (if that was the idea behind providing minimal info).

Will try/wait for a bit more and then cancel the subscription, pick another vendor.
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