Skeddly is the leading SaaS solution for automated Amazon AWS control. According to your schedule, Skeddly automatically starts and stops EC2 instances, creates EC2 snapshots, and much more! Start a free trial today. See more

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Great SAAS and Product

  • By Maserati Concepts
  • on 12/01/2014

Skeddly is a solid product, and have used it for clinet solutions for quite sometime.
The ability to have such a valuable tool in your system administrator tool box makes daily life much easier. Standard offerings where you can fully automate things like snapshot,delete snapshot,automate your or to schedule snapshot and image copy to a different region.

There is room for improvement and we expect this to happen. Every client we offer to use Skeedly is very happy with the service.

great product

  • By Navnit
  • on 03/20/2014

Skeddly is a great product,have been using it for almost a year now.You can fully automate your admin tasks like create snapshot,delete snapshot,automate your DR by scheduling snapshot and image copy to a different region.
Scheduling start and stop times of instances saves lots of money,however they need to add features like where actions are triggered by cloud watch parameters.
It definitely saves your admin cost but $0.15/action is a bit dampener.

Excellent SAAS

  • By Omnilogic Systems
  • on 01/24/2014

We've been using Skeddly for months now on several of our projects and love it! It's easy to use and allows us to schedule events to handle a number of situations. The Eleven41 software team continue to improve the service adding features and function. Highly recommended!

Works Great! Support Is Great!

  • By P. Perry "paul_pp"
  • on 10/03/2013

I'll be brief and to the point.

Great solution if you're looking to conveniently manager your AWS Environment for backup and disaster recovery, etc... (I don't have time for CLI setup, so this service is perfect for me).

You can't go wrong with the 30 day trial, and, they answer support calls. Lastly, Support and Knowledge-base does work well for setting up


Skeddly - best AWS scheduling tool

  • By QuentinNZ
  • on 11/04/2012

The Skeddly product has been saving us a lot of money by allowing us to simply schedule the hours we want our AWS servers to be running.
The GUI is easy to use, and the ever evolving set of tools is great. Requests to support are answered promptly, and additional feature requests have been actioned quickly.
We have been using this product since it was in Beta, and have happily recommended this for our customers to use as well.

Excellent product AND excellent service

  • By Christian Baudchon
  • on 07/24/2012

I have been using Skeddly for 3 months now, and I am quite sure I will go on developping my business with them.
First of all, the product works perfectly, for a very fair price. I use it for scheduling backups of my EC2 and RDS instances during the night (and sometimes to upgrade or downgrade an instance, during the night) ; the interface is clear, easy to handle. And every morning I get a short email that tell me if everything went well.
Then, when I had to question the support, the answer went very quickly and was personal (see what I mean ?...)
In conclusion : I strongly recommend this service !

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