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Perfect for us
By Quasi
We started writing our own script to backup Dynamo -- then we found CloudAlly. It's been perfect for us!
It "just works" and customer support is GREAT!
By Woodchop Software LLC
I use this service to backup all my company's SimpleDB domains. I have an attribute called "lastDateModified" that CloudAlly was able to use so that only changes/deltas would be backed up each day after the periodic full backup. I created a separate backup account in AWS IAM, with read-only rights for CloudAlly. If I need to restore I'll grant write permissions but this recommended security peace of mind. The price is reasonable and it works great!
Set it up - and forget about it
By Michael Hoey
It took me no time to set this up - and get this working. The simplest backup system I have ever used. My development team didnt need to get involved at all.
CloudAlly provides piece of mind for our cloud storage
By jsw
CloudAlly gives us piece of mind by seamlessly and quietly operating to keep our important customer data backed up. The price is right, and we haven't experienced any issues yet. It just works and we don't need to think about it.
Best Solution for Online Backup!
By Ted E.Perth
CloudAlly makes it trivial for us to keep an updated backup in a safe location that is also independent of our AWS account. The service has been fast, reliable, and highly affordable. Hugely better than any of the other traditional alternatives. Thank you CloudAlly for the awesome service!
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