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If you are using AWS, you have to have this.
By Kamalika Guha Roy
I'm using AWS for my company (Indiagames Ltd., now a Disney owned company) products since early 2010 and life has been really tough managing AWS, also we could never really leverage the fullest benefits of hosting in cloud until we met ScaleArc guys and have them revamp our hosting architecture in AWS and implement iDB for our Database Servers. Since I have started using ScaleArc iDB, my life has become a lot easier, my applications / products are more stable, I have also learned a lot about AWS technicalities from ScaleArc team. Also ScaleArc iDB support team is really professional, always on-time, responsive, and accurate on analyzing.
A DBA's best friend
By Laine Campbell
We have been using Scalearc in proof of concepts for the last six months, and are wrapping up an implementation in production against RDS now. Scalearc's caching and connection pool are impressive performance improvers, particularly in environments where engineering resources are better utilized for new features. Instrumentation and SQL analytics are invaluable and the failover capabilities are quite significant. We recommend the product quite frequently for rapidly growing clients and those with constrained resources.
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