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Great way for spinning up SAP HANA instances at a predictable price
By Bill Ramos
SAP HANA One on AWS is the easiest way across all cloud providers for spinning up the latest and greatest SAP HANA One releases with a predictable cost model. SAP is diligent in making sure the latest SAP HANA release is available on AWS so that you can experiment with the latest features. Best of all, there is a predictable license cost without having to interact with an SAP sales person. My only beef is that the current release only runs on a 60 GB system. I'd love to see SAP and AWS team up together to make available deployment to R3 instance types with 244 GB with SSD storage for transaction logs.
Bill Ramos
SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer
Works as advertised
By Nicolas Porter
Everything works great. Installation was fairly simple and I was able to connect to the instance with SAP HANA Studio.

Would be great if we could get an updated image for Rev 90.0.
Is possible to upgrade the Revision?
By Software and Consulting Group
In this enviroment, can I upgrade the Hana Revision and the SAP versión?

Because we need SAP BO for Hana 9.1 PL04, and revisión 74.

I thought it was a free trial.. someone just charged me $600
By Mohammed A. Tayyib
Please cancel this stupid subscription, I thought it was a free trial.. someone just charged me $600.I do not like it I feel that someone stolen my money
Easy to use SAP HANA One on AWS
By Sergei Peleshuk
It is just a few button clicks and you are ready to test SAP HANA One ! I was able to configure the database for a reporting solution on SAP Lumira in just a few days! )
SAP HANA Evaluation
By Wehle, Hans-Dieter
AWS Marktplace and SAP HANA One works very well. IT was easy to create a EC2/SAP HANA One Instance. The service was very cheap.
Easy Setup, Great Performance
By Rick Spickelmier
Configuring, starting up, and managing a SAP HANA One instance was very easy. The performance has been excellent. My main wish would be for larger memory instances.
POC or Pilot Platform
By Tom Callahan
Great POC or Pilot platform to get a good understanding of what HANA is, and what you can accomplish with it. We had a great experience in getting HANA One online quickly, loading data in from CSV files, and beginning learning around Views, XSEngine, and various other use cases.

We had zero performance issues, and I applaud Amazon for really excelling in making this platform work.
By Chih Lai
I have tried HANA One with Predictive Analysis for 4 hours. I am still trying to get familiar with the HANA One environment. But, I already feel that it is a really good product / solution.

However, I have a very **BIG** complain. Amazon charges me storage that I have never used (because I have not even begin uploading data in my first 4-hour of test). In fact, the charge in my account fluctuates over few hours even when I am not runnig any instance. It fluctuates from 250GB to 270GB, so does the charge in my account.

This unstable charge scares me from further exploring this product.
No "Access Software" Link available
By Jörn Döring
after doing so many steps ( eventhough it is called ONE Click ...) according to the instructions I do not get the Link "Access Software" to start the HANA Modeller (or what ever will happen afterwards). For what I have to pay here?

Cheers, Jörn
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