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Works as advertised
By Nicolas Porter
Everything works great. Installation was fairly simple and I was able to connect to the instance with SAP HANA Studio.

Would be great if we could get an updated image for Rev 90.0.
Is possible to upgrade the Revision?
By Software and Consulting Group
In this enviroment, can I upgrade the Hana Revision and the SAP versión?

Because we need SAP BO for Hana 9.1 PL04, and revisión 74.

SAP HANA Learning through AWS
By Srinivasan
I could not continue the learning because I found the cost of using is very high on AWS. For a day it works to around $ 32/-.

I was worried I might land up spending lot of money while learning which I can not afford.
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SAP America, Inc
Amazon Machine Image
$0.99/hr for software + Charges for EC2 with SUSE + AWS usage fees