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Starting from $0.02 to $1.40/hr for software + AWS usage fees

WordPress is a content management platform that allows users to easily publish, manage, and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Amimoto Stack includes ready-to-run versions of WordPress. It is completely integrated and configured, so you'll be ready to start developing your WordPress as soon as the AMI is launched onto Amazon EC2. This is "Amimoto". PLEASE NOTE: WordPress powered by AMIMOTO is now also available on an HVM AMI at <a href="https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00LWHVJH8" target="_blank">https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00LWHVJH8</a>. We recommend that you ... See more

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Not working on micro instance

  • By Abram Bailey "musicophilia"
  • on 12/08/2014

Just says:

"Setting up your WordPress now. After a while please reload your web browser."

For the last hour.

Please fix this. Does not work as advertised.

Brilliant Stable &amp; Maintained

  • By Ryan Brown
  • on 10/06/2014

I've been using this stack for 6 months now. Initially there was a little learning curve with the setup but now I'm flying on the command line and my website are fast! Yes you pay for software, but it's worth it and you can get more performance out of a lower spec.

5* easy! I've request support a couple of times and they've been great. The docs could be a little better maybe.

I don't understand why one of the users has given it one star? I have two instances running on T1, even if not that's not justified.

Love this stack!


  • By Zheng
  • on 08/29/2014

hope it will be good,and give me a good experience,and my website can run well,however,i do hope i can manage it well...

Does not work as advertised

  • By T. Broker "T. Broker"
  • on 07/23/2014

It can not be deployed on a T1 or T2 instance. T1.micro is advertised to be supported but it is not. T2 is quite new and I can understand that it takes time to adjust to new options but T1.micro is listed as supported but it is not.


  • By Toshiyuki Mashiko
  • on 06/30/2014

Even if it did not know AWS by beginners, it was easy, and moreover it was intelligible, and very easy-to-use.

Simple, Easy, Fast

  • By Shuhei
  • on 06/26/2014

This AMI is so easy and powerful!!
I got little step for build up WordPress.
WordPress famous 5 minutes install is more faster.

Then my site and my client site is more faster than before.
Thank you so much great solution :)

WOW. That's more like it!

  • By Eric Forbes
  • on 06/14/2014

I love TurnKey Linux. I really do. But after spending 3 hours last night trying to whip their WordPress appliance into shape, I gave up and expected to launch a fresh LAMP instance and install WordPress the hard way: by hand. Ugh.

Then I discovered Amimoto. The reviews looked good and I browsed the price list to see what they were charging on top of Amazon's EC2 charges - it was reasonable, I thought, so I decided to launch an m3.medium instance and see how it went.

I had trouble accessing the WordPress Setup page. I forgot to add a TCP (port 80) entry to the EC2 Security Group on AWS. Once I noticed that and added it, I was in. Seconds later, I was looking at a fresh, updated version of WordPress and checked out some new themes and noticed they downloaded in seconds. No SFTP issues. No super-cache permissions problems. Am I in HEAVEN? Thanks, Amimoto. You got me! :-)

awesome. finely tuned just for wordpress.

  • By suna_p
  • on 04/09/2014

I think this ami is the fastest and cheapest one to run wordpress in ones I've ever tried.
so easy to use, just fast, snappy.

I recommend it to all wp users.

Very powerful template

  • By Masaki Honda
  • on 03/19/2014

This template is very useful because the beginner can create his or her own blog easily. WordPress is not only for blog but also the site.

502 Bad Gateway is making me pull my hair. No instructions?

  • By Adriano S Silva
  • on 01/17/2014

I was so excited about everything when I read about Animoto Nginx release. However, after launching it and setting up Wordpress I just keep getting 502 bad gateway and no connection.

It would be great if there were instructions on how to connect to the instance using ssh. I've assigned a keypair during its launching but using default AWS instructions on Mac Terminal returns "access denied" public key...

I know these solutions are for grown up IT peeps but it could at least offer some known issues listed and a few instructions on how to workaround them.

Anyway, Thanks very much for the software release.