This BLAST AMI is a very exciting development as it allows users to perform sequence similarity searches without restriction they might encounter at a public website and without the work of setting up stand-alone BLAST. The AMI includes a FUSE client that automatically downloads the most popular BLAST databases from the NCBI, and users can still upload their own custom databases. The AMI allows users to run stand-alone searches with the BLAST+ applications, submit searches through a subset of the NCBI-BLAST URL API, and perform searches with a simplified webpage. See more

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Cannot be stopped and started again. Make sure you finish all you need to do before stopping the instance.

  • By Eirik Søvik
  • on 04/24/2016

Works great, but expect a few hours to populate the BLAST database. If you stop the instance, it cannot be started again. This gets a bit frustrating. It also means that you need to download the db while running whichever instance you plan to use for your BLAST searches.

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