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Permission Errors

  • By Lee S.
  • on 09/20/2017

Installs and launches great, however cannot run any Automatic updates. File permissions errors across the board makes it EXTREMELY CUMBERSOME to manage. NOTE: Default Directory Permissions (775) / File Permissions (664) --- I ran chmod to change to (755/644) and still receive errors.

A definition of a siteurl or homeurl was detected in your wp-config.php, but the file is not writable. Set your wp-config.php to writable and reload this page.

Update Failed: Download failed. Destination directory for file streaming does not exist or is not writable.

Also, unable to Delete Jetpack to save my life. Even via FTP, deletion returns:
Error: set attrs for /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/jetpack: permission denied

..c'mon man!


  • By Omar
  • on 09/12/2017

the tool is really excellent but I would have liked to have an installation so easy with RDS it would be very well

It just work NICE!

  • By BG
  • on 09/06/2017

In step "Step 3: Make Changes to Your Website" is just "black screen". Only after "reboot" server from aws console shown. Someone reported it into reviews too. Otherwise everything is OK.



  • By Jared Marin
  • on 05/05/2017

Entire process was easy to implement. If want a WordPress site using AWS, this is the route to take. WordPress powered by Bitnami saves a lot of time.

Quick and Easy setup!

  • By Steve Stanzel
  • on 01/11/2017

Wasn't sure if I was jumping down a rabbit hole but this was really straightforward. A simple way to both explore WordPress as well as LightSail and AWS in general.

It worked great on my first try!

  • By Tim
  • on 11/26/2016

Having installed WordPress before on a different server (non-AWS), I wasn't exactly looking forward to going through all the hassle of setting it up with its dependencies like SQL. I was pleasantly surprised with the Bitnami experience. The rough stuff was already completed. All I had to do was get my user password -- which is well-documented on how to do that -- and then login to my already operational WordPress. I didn't have to mess around with a command line interface for any of this to work.


  • By Barcelonino
  • on 09/17/2016

Everything was OK until I had to find the password.. theorically in the system log, but it wasnt there! Something basic. Ok, I was running this ami for selftrainign purposes, not really a problem, but if someones wants to use it professionally they will claim for a solution.

Not good--

  • By NoBadProduct
  • on 07/22/2016

Some one gave it 4 stars. I gave 2 star. And why do I have to put out 20 words for a products that is holding back the procedure or the manual how to for customer?

file permission wordpress plugin problem

  • By Oleg Aleksandrov
  • on 04/30/2016

You face file permission problem with wordpress and it's plugins. Some of them can't create folders and files. You can't change style (css). Google's PageSpeed module for apache is installed and turned on, that can be unexpected and unwilling.

Nice WordPress stack

  • By Semarchy
  • on 11/17/2015

This is a nicely executed WordPress stack. I needed an instance for some tests. This gave me a quickly accessible server. I was able to easily copy PHP files and import a MySQL database from a different WordPress instance to run tests.

After our tests were done, we terminated the instance. I'll definitely use it again when the need for a WordPress server arises.