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Tomcat is an open source Java servlet container and one of the most widely adopted application servers in the world. The Bitnami Tomcat stack greatly simplifies the development and deployment of applications based on Tomcat. It consists of ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, Tomcat, Java, and all of the other software required to run each of those components. The Bitnami Tomcat Stack is completely integrated and configured, so you'll be ready to start developing your application as soon as the image is launched Why use Bitnami Certified Apps? Bitnami certifies that our images are se... See more

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Not working with codedeploy-agent

  • By Alex Gera
  • on 03/07/2018

The AMI is installed and working well. But I could not manage it to start codedeploy-agent service from CloudFormation templates.

[ 123.914823] cloud-init[3376]: 2018-03-06 23:24:20,069 -[WARNING]: Failed running /var/lib/cloud/instance/scripts/part-001 [3]
[ 123.941241] cloud-init[3376]: 2018-03-06 23:24:20,114 -[WARNING]: Failed to run module scripts-user (scripts in /var/lib/cloud/instance/scripts)
[ 123.952858] cloud-init[3376]: 2018-03-06 23:24:20,116 -[WARNING]: Running module scripts-user () failed

Easy to setup

  • By bds
  • on 07/15/2017

I've enjoyed using Bitnami's Tomcat on a number platforms. The ease of installation has allowed me to keep my mind focused on my problem domain and not on the overhead of general setup.

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