CLOUDBASIC RDS AlwaysOn/Geo-Replicate (Multi-AZ/AR) for SQL Server HA/DR

Starting from $0.69 to $5.48/hr for software + AWS usage fees

If SQL Server is part of your cloud or hybrid cloud system architecture, CloudBasic RDS AlwaysOn/Geo-Replicate (Multi-AZ/Multi-AR) for MS SQL Server Web, Standard and Enterprise editions, could become your solution for: (1) Readable-Replicas: create RDS/EC2 SQL Server Multi-AZ and/or Multi-AR (Cross-Region; hybrid) Readable-Replicas for High-Availability (HA), to off-load primaries, Data-Locality or Disaster Recovery (DR). All RDS/SQL Server editions, including Web Edition, are supported. (2) Cloud DR & Reporting/DWH, No-Downtime Migration: continuously replicate SQL Server from On-Premise ... See more

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Works very well. Easy to use. Some minor issues need to be addressed.

  • By John M.
  • on 11/30/2014

We intended to use this software to do a one time migration of SQL databases from our co-located datacenter to AWS.
Then figured it is very easy to setup continuous replication from East to West coast (AWS in California to AWS in Virginia). We currently use EC2 SQL Server Web edition in California, replicating to a small RDS Web Edition in Virginia. Will be finalizing implementation of Pilot Light fail-over DR setup.

Some minor issues that we hope will be addressed in the next version:

- took us a while to figure out why the destination connection string to RDS was not working. Turned out port 1433 should be removed from the connection string (
- Data Source=*******;Initial Catalog=*****;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=****;Password=****

- in the Quick Setup Wizard, if option 3 (Replicate source DB structure plus data plus setup continuous replication) is selected, after the initial transfer is completed, we would suggest that the continuous replication (CDC schedule) is setup automatically upon successful completion of the initial transfer. We were wondering why the CDC was not scheduled even that we selected option 3 ... then we figured had to click a little orange button in the logs.

- for our EC2 instance type (M3.medium) the windows service executing the CDC schedule was not starting. Had to manually re-install it.

Doesn't work

  • By Mark Wong
  • on 11/19/2014

Lack of documentation

Try to set it up to replicate between 2 RDS MS SQL within the same region. Doesn't seems to let me specify a port on the connection string. Took me a while to figure out it doesn't like hostname:port.

Using the Quick setup wizard, it will always try to create the destination database and the "Do nothing" when destination database already exist option doesn't work. I then dropped the database to let it run. OK then it worked for a initial transfer.

Later I restart the whole process again doing the advance option. Initial replication went okay. The schedule job that perform track changes never kick in. Well, the scheduler doesn't seems to do schedule. At least the schedule - execution log always show ...

Finally, I do a "manual" track changes transfer. The log said it managed to find 100 rows of changes (Did insert 100 new rows to the table). I found on the destination only 88 new rows got inserted.

Given the above, don't think I can use this version 1.0 at all.