Bitfusion Ubuntu 14 Scientific Computing

Starting from $0.001 to $1.33/hr for software + AWS usage fees

Ubuntu 14 AMI pre-installed with most common tools for scientific computing including R, Octave, Julia, Python 2 and 3. Develop interactive scripts directly from your browser via the pre-installed Jupyter Notebook which includes kernels for R, Octave, Julia, Python 2 and 3. For R users we include the RStudio Server development environment. All applications are configured to utilize optimized BLAS libraries for maximum performance across EC2 instances. Also included are NumPy, SciPy, SciKit-learn, Pandas, Sympy, Nvidia Drivers, Cuda 7.5 Toolkit, and cuDNN 5. See more

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Great Performance, saved a lot of money

  • By J M
  • on 07/01/2015

We have moved all our R applications to use the Bitfusion AMI. The performance is remarkable. We have started to use this AMI to spin up our SparkR clusters as well.

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