Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift

Starting from $1.37/hr or from $9,950.00/yr (17% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift makes loading and transforming data on Redshift fast, easy, and affordable. Prices start at $1.37/hour with no commitments or upfront costs. Need to cut your ETL development time in half and shave months off your projects? No problem. The AMI takes less than five minutes to set up and delivers results much faster than traditional ETL technologies. With just a few clicks, you can load data into Redshift from from dozens of sources, including S3 and RDS; multiple databases and APIs; common systems like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Netsuite, and SAP; and even... See more

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Excellent ETL Tool Simplifies and Speeds Development

  • By Andrew
  • on 10/27/2017

We adopted Matillion about a year ago when we began building our data warehouse in Redshift. Matillion has provided a significant boots to development productivity over other ETL tools, and we've made fantastic progress as a result. Anyone experienced with other tools will quickly become productive using the simple and intuitive interface.

Standing up our first instance was dead simple. A few clicks in the AWS Marketplace and we were up and running and loading data on day one. The support team has been very responsive to questions and feature requests, and have been proactive and dedicated to our success.

We have especially benefited from the variety of data source connectors. Integrating with 3rd party and internal APIs using the provided connectors is quick and easy. Previous efforts required custom coding and were unreliable. The Matillion API connectors provide a configuration based (no coding) mechanism that's easy to maintain as we extend our data capture.

I would strongly recommend Matillion to anyone building a data/analytics capability on the Amazon platform, and will certainly consider it on future projects/clients.

Visual ELT tool backed by 100% Redshift Performance

  • By matillion-rocks
  • on 09/28/2017

After an AWS expert brought our attention to Matillion, we started loving it from the very beginning. We were able to easily replace our previously in SQL written views by Transformations and Orchestrations inside the UI of Matillion. Thanks to features like Data or Plan Previews the debugging of complex jobs turned into a simple task.
For me personally the biggest advantage is the integration into the AWS ecosystem. We've built hourly jobs with the help of CloudWatch and SQS, we get notified by SNS if a job fails and actually ALL transformation jobs are executed inside the Redshift database guaranteeing the best performance possible.
On top of that comes the smart architecture of Matillion which allows you to extend your data needs outside of Redshift, too. RDS adapters, API adapters, all built in, accessible like column-based tables.
When it comes to support, Matillion does an excellent job. You get help for implementing specific jobs as well as technical support for the software itself.
We can highly recommend this piece of software to every user of the Redshift technology.

Get onto thinking about the data quickly

  • By Lincoln Short
  • on 09/27/2017

At Nebulr we have been using and demonstrating Matillion for Redshift whenever possible, just simply because customers get to analysing the data as opposed to thinking about how to get the data into Redshift.
Its super easy to get up and running and in a few short videos you are up and moving data into Redshift. Matillion has been built in the cloud and security is baked in out-of-the-box, with KMS support for password management.
Matillion natively leverages Redshift hardware and software to do all the heavy lifting. There is job management, logging, notifications via SNS (to slack) which is awesome and the interface is easy to use and see what's happening, it just feels like everything has been thought about and developed with ease in mind.
Support is superb as the team are responsive and extremely helpful even when an issue doesn't fit the typical three-ring-binder problem.
Go to the next level and see how ETL should be.

Visual ETL Tool, Great Support and Documentation

  • By Amy Fain
  • on 09/22/2017

We have enjoyed implementing Matillion and learning about the product as we go. The documentation has been super helpful to get us up and running, and the support team has been ready and knowledgeable to jump in when we need help. Matillion's visual ETL flow diagrams will be super helpful when we are discussing data requirements across our organization.

10/10 would use again

  • By Josh Nelson
  • on 09/18/2017

Matillion has been a great product to use. It was easy to set up and has very thorough documentation to help you with whatever you may need. It is very easy to contact someone from Matillion to get help if needed as well. It is a good product and will continue to use it.

Powerful ETL product and excellent customer service

  • By Reportgarden
  • on 09/11/2017

We tried out multiple tools before finalising on matillion, none of the other tools came close to this in terms of intuitive and ease-of-use design.

We are able to implement star schema and load millions of rows in just few minutes.
Create transformations and orchestrations can be done through UI and is really easy.

The service and support from matillion is awesome. It's pay-as-you-go service make this a perfect package for everyone.

Great tool with excellent support

  • By Francesca
  • on 09/09/2017

We work with Matillion to load our data into Redshift and we are very satisfied with the performance. Matillion offers various components and integrations with many different data sources. The transformation components make data transformation inside Redshift really easy.

In general, one can quickly get familiar with the tool. We are very satisfied with the documentation and support Matillion is offering. All the components are documented in details online and the email support is extremely helpful and quick in answering!

Easy, flexible, powerful with awesome customer support

  • By Norman
  • on 09/07/2017

We chose Matillion to replace another service we were using. We were super fast in evaluating and switching to a Matillion based solution. This was mainly possible because the folks over at Matillion are easy to work with and not only understand their product really well but also have deep knowledge in the various ways you can setup your DWH.
Using Matillion you can start small and build up. You get reporting, stats, debuggability and other things out of the box. It perfectly integrates into AWS and with python/bash scripting you should be able to solve most if not all of your use cases.

I can highly recommend it for small and growing companies as it reduces the time you can actually get insights out of your data.

Incredibly easy to use and priced to make try before you buy easy

  • By Dov Rosenberg
  • on 09/06/2017

I've found Matillion to be incredibly easy to use - anyone with a technical background can pick it up and start building ETL processes within minutes, with just the help of their online documentation. It's drag and drop, so simple "typo" errors are mostly avoided (or at least detected at design time), and errors in the logical flow can be debugged with the help of their step-by-step sample data feature that lets you watch the data as it progresses through the task.

The pricing is also conducive to experimentation, being priced by the hour. Play around for a bit and see what you think- you'll find yourself hooked.

Outstanding Customer Service and Product!

  • By ETL Guru
  • on 09/06/2017

We did an internal comparison of different platforms and chose Matillion for so many reasons, primarily for the outstanding customer support and the ease-of-use of the platform.

During our POC project, we were able to setup several jobs in Matillion, both with and without any transformations, some as star-schemas, and several with incremental refreshes. The tool is incredibly powerful with a very easy to use UI.

As for the customer support, it didn't stop after we licensed the got even better!!

Highly recommended!