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  • By Undocumented
  • on 07/08/2017

Lovely idea to create an image in the marketplace and then not keep the documentation needed online.

Fix this link please

Trial Product

  • By nb
  • on 06/14/2017

After reading all the reviews, and following what they said about the ports, changing the password (which is only to login to whm, not cpanel), going to the correct port number to access WHM, I still was having issues with simply setting up cpanel.

It asks you for information about the hostname, resolvers, ip addresses of servers that will be used on cpanel, nameservers, a records (if you wish), all without describing where you would find these things. Some things were obvious, others were not. It was a very confusing setup.

And to top things off, after I entered all the information I thought was correct, it said it was a trial product, and if I wanted to purchase a one year subscription, it would cost around 500$!

And this may be my fault, but I really searched through the options once I was into the whm control panel, but there was nowhere I could find to change the cpanel login information.

Here's the installation instructions from cpanel.

Looking to use EasyApache4? Better look elsewhere.

  • By JoeAIOT
  • on 04/26/2017

This is a pretty decent build of Cpanel onto Amazon's AMI. However, it lacks a lot of quality assurance testing that would have set it apart.

First off, the migration from EA3 to EA4 is completely broken. There are packages and dependencies required that are non-existent. Some functions are broken since they are designed more for CentOS 7 rather than Amazon AMI. For instance, when trying to retrieve EA4 repositories, it fails to target a proper directory.

Trying to go back and install it manually just ends in disappointment. Apache doesn't install properly from the initial migration. Reverting and trying again only leads to more problems.

This is a good beta, more likely alpha build, of the product. However, it is advertised as a full product yet lacks basic documentation, quality assurance testing and even their support team seems to be confused on its ability to function. Some official answers report that EasyApache4 is compatible with Amazon AMI, and that using this product is the key. The official documentation for EasyApache4 says it is unsupported, yet has been referred to as obsolete information.

In my opinion, this will be a great build if they could iron out the issues and make sure their product had the dependencies needed to run correctly before they shipped it out. But I've spent many hours trying to get it to function properly and it just isn't worth the time.

I'll be trying to build it from scratch with CentOS 7.

Sweet. - Time Saver.

  • By maki284
  • on 04/25/2017

It should be noted that in whatever security group you use following Stormlrd's instructions; you should enable (or be sure the following ports are enabled) ports: tcp: 80, tcp: 2082, tcp: 2083, tcp: 2086, tcp: 2087 to get started. Otherwise, you'll go nowhere. A full list of ports to setup can be found here:


  • By oSorteb
  • on 03/02/2017

A simple installation description would have would spared me for a few minutes, but reading Stormlrd's review this was up and running pretty easy!

-1 star for lack of documentation. But 4 stars for the easy setup of cpanel!

  • By Nick
  • on 01/18/2017

Worked great for me.
PvUtrix and StormLRD are spot on. The only thing that I can add if you are not savvy, don't forget to open up port 2087 in your security group.

Stormlrd's instructions are all you need

  • By PvUtrix
  • on 01/05/2017

If you can't get WHM running with the instructions Stormlrd has given, maybe it's too early for you to run a web server.
After you set up the image and login, you can see WHM services running, so everything is done.
Make sure you update WHM to the latest version the first thing you do, it takes quite some time and I highly recommend doing it, before you start configuring anything or transferring accounts over.

How To Start Your Server Install

  • By Stormlrd
  • on 11/19/2016


I note the lack of instructions is painful.

You need to create a security group with SSH to login to the console of the server.

You need to login with ec2-user and your PEM file.

You then need to reset the root password by using:
sudo passwd root

Then you can go to your server on HTTPS://external_ip:2087/

login with root & your new password

Then continue the install.


  • By Ali M.
  • on 10/24/2016

It is very difficult to setup the WHM on EC2, you click the bottom and expecting everything start working... Mehhh nooo It doesnt work that way. after create 3 different services, I gave up.

No instructions...

  • By Ray Archie
  • on 09/13/2016

Not only are there no instructions -- I ran the cPanel update script from command line and... it's been updating for close to an hour. I killed the instance and moved on.