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  • By oSorteb
  • on 03/02/2017

A simple installation description would have would spared me for a few minutes, but reading Stormlrd's review this was up and running pretty easy!

-1 star for lack of documentation. But 4 stars for the easy setup of cpanel!

  • By Nick
  • on 01/18/2017

Worked great for me.
PvUtrix and StormLRD are spot on. The only thing that I can add if you are not savvy, don't forget to open up port 2087 in your security group.

Stormlrd's instructions are all you need

  • By PvUtrix
  • on 01/05/2017

If you can't get WHM running with the instructions Stormlrd has given, maybe it's too early for you to run a web server.
After you set up the image and login, you can see WHM services running, so everything is done.
Make sure you update WHM to the latest version the first thing you do, it takes quite some time and I highly recommend doing it, before you start configuring anything or transferring accounts over.

How To Start Your Server Install

  • By Stormlrd
  • on 11/19/2016


I note the lack of instructions is painful.

You need to create a security group with SSH to login to the console of the server.

You need to login with ec2-user and your PEM file.

You then need to reset the root password by using:
sudo passwd root

Then you can go to your server on HTTPS://external_ip:2087/

login with root & your new password

Then continue the install.


  • By Ali M.
  • on 10/24/2016

It is very difficult to setup the WHM on EC2, you click the bottom and expecting everything start working... Mehhh nooo It doesnt work that way. after create 3 different services, I gave up.

No instructions...

  • By Ray Archie
  • on 09/13/2016

Not only are there no instructions -- I ran the cPanel update script from command line and... it's been updating for close to an hour. I killed the instance and moved on.

Difficult to Set Up without Documentation

  • By Dominic
  • on 08/03/2016

The default security group that is default for this AMI doesn't open up the ports for you to access WHM and cPanel. As a new user to cPanel and WHM, this was a difficult task to set up since I have no idea what it needs. Here is a link to the ports that you need to open in order to access certain things, I added ports 2083 and 2087 for access to cPanel SSL and WHM SSL(2082 and 2086 seem to not work as it's probably disabled). To log into WHM, you have to SSH into the server and edit your /etc/ssh/sshd_config and enable PermitRootLogin and set PasswordAuthentication to Yes. Restart sshd service and set your root password to log into WHM with the root account. Needs more set up documentation...

No specific instructions given

  • By Milind Raj
  • on 06/08/2016

I have installed the instance but now what??
Link is broken. Even the other link takes you to the official page of cpanel with no specific instructions for setting up server.

no instructions other than link to cpanel general instructions

  • By ldva
  • on 04/27/2016

hit install button and then what?
what are the next steps?
It creates a new instance what are you supposed to do next

Thank you for this beautiful Integration with amazon linux ami

  • By Ashutosh Maheshwari
  • on 04/21/2016

I was waiting for this and i finally found it on the market place..
Thank you so much!!!!
I just need to login and see my stuff!!!
Thank you so much!!!

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