Nessus Scanner (Pre-Authorized)

(Note: subscription required). Nessus enables AWS customers to find vulnerabilities, the threats that exploit them, and the systems already compromised with pinpoint accuracy. This Nessus Scanner (Pre-Authorized), included with a subscription, provides vulnerability scanning for the AWS cloud computing platform. See more

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Completely non-functional as other reviewer noted

  • By ThisReviewingGuy
  • on 05/23/2018

Unable to connect to instance via any method (SSH, HTTP, HTTPS or per Nessus standard port 8834 via HTTPS). Can be instance dependent, but also attempted ICMP (with associated SG) and received no response.

Unable to connect

  • By Bouncingsoles
  • on 10/19/2017

Can't connect via SSH authorized keys or via HTTP port of 8834 which Nessus uses to manage via web interface... Notified their support.

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