Matillion ETL for Snowflake

Starting from $1.37/hr or from $9,950.00/yr (17% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

Matillion ETL for Snowflake makes loading and transforming data on Snowflake fast, easy, and affordable. Prices start at $1.37/hour with no commitments or upfront costs. Need to cut your ETL development time in half and shave months off your projects? No problem. The AMI takes less than five minutes to set up and delivers results much faster than traditional ETL technologies. With just a few clicks, you can load data into Snowflake from dozens of sources, including S3 and RDS; multiple databases and APIs; common systems like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Netsuite, and SAP; and even social m... See more

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Matillion - Just What We Needed

  • By Happy Customer :)
  • on 03/28/2018

We are using Matillion ELT to rearchitect existing and build new data pipelines for our cloud analytics platform. We have seen immediate value-add in loading large amounts of data, which was a previous problem using AWS Data Pipeline. The easy user interface and powerful components have been a major plus amongst developers. Setup could not have been simpler, and the support from both sales and tech has enabled us to drive speed to value.

Solid solution, strong feature set, very cost effective.

  • By cfranklin
  • on 03/20/2018

We are using Matillion ELT for Snowflake to re-architect a legacy solution. The capabilities, features and user-experience have dramatically simplified the project.
All in all, Matillion (product and team) have helped accelerate our time to value with pre-built connectors, a robust feature set, tutorials and rich content. Definitely recommend putting it on your short list if you want a solution to build ELT pipelines for Snowflake (or Redshift).

ETL for the cloud : about time

  • By Happy User
  • on 12/20/2017

Having used most of the on-prem based ETL tool in the past its great to see an entirely cloud based approach built ground up for the cloud.

Orchestratation and logic are easy to perform with Matillion. We used it at a major UK power company for general ETL,testing and managing data flows.

I would suggest anyone looking to peform ETL (or ELT as it should be called) on cloud based infrastructure should consider Matillion.

Matillion - They Got it Right (Matillion Rocks)!!

  • By apatel
  • on 10/05/2017

Matillion ETL Amazon Snowflake is very innovative ETL/ELT tool. They have done an excellent job providing all of the powerful components for Snowflake. The user interface is very model and extremely easy to navigate. I personally have a ton of experience with SSIS and Informatica, and I believe this tool is something I would like to use on my next project.

I have been extremely impressed with Daniel and Ian over Matillion. They both have made the setup and training very easy and they are extremely helpful. I am very impressed with their knowledge, and not just in their own tool, but other ETL/ELT tools. I believe that Matillion has a great product along with unbelievable support. I am excited about collaborating with Matillion because I firmly believe it will be very cool and rewarding adventure.

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