Cloud Cost Optimization and Monitoring Tool

30-day free trial with the Pico plan at $7 with an option to refund, if not satisfied. This tool gives you cost optimization advice based on your monthly spend using the Pareto (80-20) principles. Leverage our serverless approach and secure read-only unintrusive access just takes a few minutes to set up and discover your cost savings opportunities. Unlike other alternatives, with our approach, there are no AMIs to install or deploy that have hidden added costs or bills to find and upload. In minutes, identify the best options for cost savings through right-sizing of EC2 (compute instances... See more

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Good Cost Analyzer

  • By David
  • on 11/09/2017

Wow, I can see all the things in my account that are costing me and where I can reduce costs and how. Simple yet powerful. Keep up the good work.

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