MongoDB for AWS Marketplace is the high performance, document based data store that you love tuned and optimized for Amazon Web Services. Data in MongoDB is stored in JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, providing flexibility during the development process. With built-in support for horizontal scalability, MongoDB allows users to build and grow their applications more rapidly. With auto-sharding, you can easily distribute data across many nodes. This AMI was built with MongoDB setup to use instance-based storage and is a great place to start for development and testing. See more

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Awesome, but code dated

  • By Digital
  • on 10/04/2012

AWS package is code 2.0.x, the latest is 2.2. It would be smart for 10gen to make sure they push the latest AWS images [as new releases arise] for those of us what want to stay on top; otherwise we're forced to use standard AWS distributions and install MongoDB ourselfs.

It works, just like it should

  • By adazz
  • on 08/16/2012

Very cool. I've been playing w/ mongo on my desktop and wanted to put it somewhere else. This was perfect. However, I picked the micro instance and quickly ran out of space. I didn't put a lot of data in yet. So, I'm guessing that mongodb creates a big size block of disk. Doesn't matter, great product and solved my problem.

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