Virtual Private Storage Array

Zadara Virtual Private Storage Arrays(tm) - or VPSA(tm) - are designed for demanding applications which require more than basic cloud storage. VPSA provide fully featured, high performance, low-latency file and block storage, backed by a 100% SLA. VPSA features large volumes, storage sharing across multiple instances, NFS and SMB/CIFS protocols for native file access, data-at-rest encryption with customer-managed keys. VPSA provide dedicated SSDs and HDDs, and a full set of enterprise data management features, including snapshots, cloning, thin provisioning, SSD caching, and remote replicat... See more

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Superior performance, superior support

  • By James P.
  • on 10/21/2016

Our Zadara arrays are mission critical. We need exceptional IO performance and uptime and Zadara delivers. They have been a pleasure to work with and are responsive in all areas: design, support, and billing.

Our video workflow infrastructure was originally built for local storage and we were scrambling to find native AWS storage products to meet our intense IO needs. We then tried out several third-party vendors who provide NFS-in-the-cloud and only Zadara could do it.

Private storage box inside EC2 cloud.

  • By Michael Shnit
  • on 02/01/2014

With Zadara I got twice IOPS as much as EBS (IOPS 4000) on my test using IOMETER with 10 concurrent streams!
When more and more of my company’s servers deployed on cloud and critical services became cloud based as a system administrator I have less and less control over server performance. Zadara gave me back control I needed to fine tune server performance just as I do in my corporate LAN.

Zadara working pretty much like Netapp box connected to your server by 10GB network. You choose RAID level, create volumes and connect servers to volumes by ISCSI. EC2 allows you free traffic from instance to storage.

Couple of things you need to know:
• You cannot boot from Zadara storage.
• The connection between Zadara storage and your instance working over same network adapter you instance connected to network (over ISCSI) as opposed to EBS volumes. In order to fully utilize the network bandwidth between the ec2 instance and Zadara storage you will need at least m1.large instance type. Because small instance are limited in bandwidth by ec2.
• I missed this part of documentation on the beginning. To successfully connect to your storage (after you getting confirmation email says your storage is ready) you need to accept creation of two virtual interfaces under aws console> services> direct connect. They are actually two redundant vlans and they connects your VPC with Zadara storage.

In summary I recommend Zadara storage over EBS volumes.

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