Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services

Entirely managed and maintained by a single partner, organizations can rely on Adobe's expertise managing the most complex and mission-critical Experience Manager deployments all over the world. Adobe provides cloud hosting and expert application support enabling enterprises to concentrate on building brand and customer acquisition. Included is 24x7 maintenance and support and a single point of contact for each customer throughout the application lifecycle. AEM Managed Services is available for our Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management and Social Communities products. See more

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Not What I Hoped

  • By RMay
  • on 11/29/2016

After using AMS, it's clear that they cater to organizations with very little technical expertise. Their service costs more than all our other cloud services combined (80+ instances in AWS and PCF). What you actually get with this is someone to handle deployments (backup, deploy, rollback, etc), someone to monitor logs and check that the site is up, and, most importantly, the environment set up. If you are able to set up the infrastructure in AWS and set up logging, this probably isn't worth the cost.

What an amazing solution

  • By
  • on 02/24/2016

It's a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps and forms. And it makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets.
What an amazing solution.

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