Queue-it is an online queueing system for managing website overload during extreme user peaks in relation to popular events and activities online. The solution maintains website performance by protecting against potential slowdowns and failures. Queue-it, a Software-as-a-Service product, serves to offload users that exceed site capacity limits to the queue system that updates individual queue status until end-users are automatically re-directed back to the original website to complete their transaction. This way, end-users have a good experience, the stability of the website is maintained,... See more

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Queue-it used in a peak sale for a dutch theme park

  • By Willem Jan Brabers
  • on 08/16/2012

Once every year we organise an event in the largest theme park of the Netherlands, De Efteling. The price proposition is 50% discount, only available to a specific group of customers (Rabobank). This leads to an enormous load,40.000 unique visitors going into your shop at the same time. In the past our webserver and database server could not handle this load properly. This 'vip'group of customers starting to complain that they were not able to buy tickets, since the availability was limited.
Since 2011 we are using Queue-it to organize heavy loads into queue's. This has led to many compliments of our customers and also to a relaxed sale. I would like to thank the Queue-it team for their knowledge and assistance during this sale.

Allowed never-before-seen expansion of large snowsports event

  • By R Clarke
  • on 08/14/2012

I was one of the organisers for the largest students ski trip in the world, with over 3000 attendees. With the event in such high demand, it was becoming difficult to manage booking, with server capacity issues and competition for places making the process unsatisfactory for potential participants.

Queue-it provided the perfect solution for this issue, with a simple user interface that allowed us to 'throttle' the booking process according to the capacity of our IT systems. They were on-hand at all times to answer questions, and made a special effort to be available at the time of booking (despite time zone differences) just in case they were needed.

They were very pleasant to work with, and in my time on the organising committee played an important part in helping the trip 'sell-out time' go from 2 weeks to 6 hours.

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