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ScaleArc database load balancing software inserts transparently between applications and databases to provide zero downtime for apps. The software delivers automatic failover, load balancing, read/write split, instant scalability, real-time analytics, and other availability and performance features for your SQL databases. Transparent deployment means ScaleArc provides these capabilities with no changes to your app or database. Additional features include: authentication offload and connection pooling to reduce latency and network I/O; transparent, agentless pattern-based query caching that ... See more

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I fully agree ...

  • By Atraveo GmbH
  • on 09/13/2013

... with the reviews already made.

Atraveo is one of the largest holiday home market in europe and caching is for us a very important, but also difficult point in the business.
We have tested Scalearc's IDB caching now since last year and using it for month in production. The product is more then only caching. The possibillity to do analytics of every single query, gives us a great insight view of what is going on in our database and the traffic to it.
With it we were able to improve not only the performance, but also the design of our database.

But every good product is nothing without the people behind it. The support is great, no ... the way the guys of Scalearc live their support is fantastic. Normally this would be worth more then 5 stars!

Scalearc is providing solutions for your business needs, even beyond their product.

Come for the product, stay for the support.

  • By Aaron Lee
  • on 01/05/2013

iDB provides routing and load balancing, caching, and analytics for all your SQL traffic.
These architectural aspects have traditionally been solved with stack-specific technologies. That made apps complex and required their operators to analyze, optimize, and deploy using a variety of disparate tools and error-prone manual labor.

I drove a large iDB deployment at scale in production through most of 2012 (and have continued into '13). We had a tremendously successful outcome, due in no small part to the commitment that Scalearc has to supporting its customers in the field.

The benefits were clear in testing and proven in production:
- Scalability is improved via optimal load balancing and connection pooling.
- Latency/liveness is improved by selective caching.
- Overall performance is improved by analytics-driven app optimization.
- Reliability is improved by runtime health checks and dynamic query routing.

On top of that, Scalearc is one of the most responsive and supportive vendors that I have ever interacted with. I recommend them.

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