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CentOS 6 (x86_64) - with Updates

This is the Official CentOS 6 x86_64 image that has been built with a minimal profile. The image contains just enough packages to run within AWS, bring up an SSH Server and allow users to login. If you intend to run CentOS-6/x86_64 images, this one is recommended. intends to keep these images... See more

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Linux Server Centos

  • By Linux Server Centos
  • on 07/11/2016

Linux Server Centos 6 64 bit with low package installation. It will be installed a cms for centos. Linux Server Centos 6 64 bit with low package installation. It will be installed a cms for centos

Works nicely

  • By Warwick Hunter
  • on 09/14/2015

A vanilla Centos image ready and waiting for me to add my stuff to it. Worked right out of the box. Thanks!


  • on 08/03/2015

Easy to install and fully operative. It is a very basic configuration installation, you need to install apache and other components.

CentOS 6, but having problems

  • By Jeff Dearmin
  • on 06/28/2015

- CentOS 6; rock solid. Usually use Amazon's Linux, but needed a GUI for testing 389/Openldap. XFCE4 installs and works well.
- Can't grow root volume beyond 8GB. If I specify a larger volume when installing the instance, the storage is allocated, but I still get a 8 GB root file system. If I grow the volume using fdisk/resize2fs, system won't boot. Just need about 20GB, and didn't want to allocate a separate volume.

Good for Web Server Deployment

  • By Sonny Mendoza
  • on 06/10/2015

OS is loaded with regular Centos 6.0 64 bit base OS. Pairing it with minimal instance type resource can still run a decent Web server hosting 2 to 3 web programs. Must have at least 1.0 GB memory or higher if planning to run ruby and svn.

CentOS 6

  • By Tri.g
  • on 04/10/2015

I enjoy using Amazon WS. This is first time I am using...but its very easy to use them. I want to explore more on AWS. Thank you!

very good!!!

  • By dbteam
  • on 04/06/2015

verygood to using Centos

I love this product.

this product is using free.
and this ami use for ssd so faster than magnetic disk.

i'm love in it

Standard CentOS distro

  • By Walter Stroebel
  • on 03/14/2015

Pro: login with the root account instead of forcing a useless additional step with some unknown user that has root rights anyway
Con: must reboot once to get rid of selinux

For the rest a nice, clean image which can quickly be completed to perform your specific task(s) using a deployment tool like Ansible or Puppet.

I have a high personal confidence in this image being untainted by Trojan horses or other back doors as the maker is extremely well known and respected in the community as well as being once of the most used distributions.

Poor server

  • By Vipan Kumar
  • on 03/02/2015


Your support and services are of poor quality

1. Your system is so much complex to handle

2. Support team does not support software issues.You have given software addons to install but not providing support.

3. I waited 15-20 min for a phone call support .

4. Your technical staff does not know basic tweaks

5. Overall bad experience


CentOS at fingertips

  • By abhishek
  • on 02/25/2015

First ever AMI I used on AWS, used with free tier to test out few thing.

I'm just a newbie for server end, so do not have any valuable inputs :)