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easy logging for your AWS instances

  • By Sebastian Dunne
  • on 10/31/2014

Loggly was perfect for building consolidated logging into our AWS products. My only quibble is with their pricing tiers, which didn't particularly fit our needs. I'd have liked to get log archiving to an S3 bucket without having to subscribe to log levels far beyond what I needed. Overall Loggly was easy to setup and configure and dead simple to search.

Clean, fast and easy to use Log management tool

  • By Miguel Angel Reyes
  • on 10/31/2014

We are a startup located in Stockholm, Sweden and Loggly was our answer to visualizing and analyzing logs for over 40 server instances running applications and services in AWS.

Setting it up was easy and we could start logging from our Java Web applications in no time. Once we added logging from our Varnish instance we got a complete overview of the experience the users are having when they use our Website, Android or iOS application.

We are very happy with Loggly's performance and visualization tools.

Log Management

  • By Kartik M.
  • on 10/30/2014

I'm a long time AWS customer and logs have always been a big problem. I started using Loggly recently and its been good - alerts, search etc. The alerts are great as I get an email with the trace when there is a 500 so its much easier to debug

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