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Appian BPM SaaS

  • By Sanjay@Vuram
  • on 03/20/2014

Appian's capability as a modern BPM platform that supports Web, Mobile, Social and Cloud is well established. My comments here relate to the Cloud part of that package. Appian's SaaS offering has really helped us rollout rapid BPM solutions for several of our clients.

The biggest impact is that it helps keep the BPM team's energy and focus on processes rather than infrastructure. Greatly minimizes additional burden on already over-stretched IT resources at client premises. The nitty gritties of Datasource configuration, Heap space allocation, Engine checkpointing & cleanup, Email polling setup etc etc is all abstracted away & what is left behind is the pure joy of processes in execution. Whats more, clients get automatic updates of latest product releases in a timely manner & the upgrades are seamless.

With Appian Cloud, the BPM team is happy as their complete focus is maintained on process development & solutions, Developers are happy as they get full visibility into system logs for debugging (logs usually are to be requested from server teams), IT is happy as they have complete control of the company's precious data held within their premises while Appian Cloud references it via the Records interface (clear delineation between process and data, data can live within the company's servers and not be residing on the cloud) and most importantly Business user's are happy due to the rock solid stability and responsiveness of cloud hosted Appian instances. Quoting the words of one happy business user, "Runs as smooth as a canoe".

Ultimately, it's a win-win for everyone.

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