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NuoDB for AWS Marketplace is a high-performance distributed SQL database that scales elastically in the cloud. It offers developers an easy to administer, secure, database with flexible schema (i.e., change columns on a running DBMS!) for deploying scalable cloud applications without partitioning or sharding. Developers get all the benefits of traditional databases like SQL and ACID transactions, in addition to the ability to deploy a single, logical database in multiple geographies at the same time. Add in built-in redundancy, and disaster recovery for a developers dream DBMS. With NuoD... See more

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Unbelievable fast

  • By Sellpad
  • on 04/28/2015

We try this to make some tests and we were surprised about the speed of NuoDB. We make a query of 50000 objects in MySQL and took 5 sec but in NuoDB it only took 1 sec!!. We will definitely try this on future products.

Great database

  • By Peter
  • on 09/24/2014

Installing and running the NuoDB database was really easy and really stable during the 30 days trial with a really nice demo storefront with built-in workload testing with test users doing lots of stuff on the store front. Ran really nice in the tiny t1.micro instance

The Future

  • By Steve
  • on 08/15/2014

We are a start-up and have been building our API with a NuoDB backend for over 6 months (using their Node.js module). It took a little Linux know-how to get it going in the first place, but it has been a rock since then. Their support team has gone over and above for us even through we are a small customer at this point.
We have been able to keep our code clean and simple, and push the complexity to the DB while knowing we can simply scale the DB if need be. This will also help with future updates as once we push an update to the DB it's live everywhere no matter how many nodes we have. From my point of view this is THE tool for start-ups. Steve Kerr

Quick and Painless

  • By Steven Anderson
  • on 07/15/2014

I have been exploring NuoDB on my laptop, but wanted to check it out on AWS after seeing an impressive live demonstration of NuoDB running across multiple AWS regions at Cloud Expo in NYC. I found it simple to set up a micro instance and get NuoDB up and running. I am impressed with how easy it is to scale out the database across multiple servers.

Not usable!

  • on 05/01/2014

Well, i installed this free trial version, and i didnt have the opportunity to test it, because it gave me some errors, i cant connect to the nuodb agent, then i try to create a cloudformation, but it gave me more problems, i think its too green to test

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