LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2013

LabVIEW is graphical system design software that provides engineers and scientists with the tools needed to create and deploy measurement and control systems through simple yet powerful network APIs and Web services. LabVIEW inspires you to solve problems, accelerates your productivity, and gives you the confidence to continually innovate. You can get more done in less time with LabVIEW through its comprehensive system design environment; unique graphical programming language; built-in engineering-specific libraries of software functions and hardware interfaces; and data analysis, visualiza... See more

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The Defacto Standard for Test & Automation

  • By LabVIEWFL
  • on 02/07/2014

LabVIEW 's 4GL Graphical language allows rapid prototyping and development. Though it has it's origins in Laboratory test, it is a highly useful and applicable programming language for any industrial process and even critical controls. It's strength is data collection and control from real world processes, but from a purely software development point of view, it is easy and quick to develop with and easy to maintain if a traditional software development approach is followed. Collection of process and test data must be stored somewhere and the Amazon Web Services make a wonderful compliment to Data management with LabVIEW.

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