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New Relic Plugin for AWS

This AMI makes it quick and easy to start monitoring many AWS metrics via pre-configured dashboards in New Relic. The AMI contains the agent portion of the AWS Plugin for New Relic, plus necessary components to run and configure the plugin. Once running, this agent retrieves metrics from Amazon CloudWatch... See more

Customer Reviews

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Very Easy Configuration

  • By JungleDisk
  • on 06/10/2016

Incredibly easy to setup and get running. For IAM, as another comment mentioned, you can find a custom policy for giving this plugin read access on the plugins github page.

Easy to use and install

  • By garth@bitium
  • on 09/21/2015

Super easy to launch and install. I would recommend it if you would like to get your AWS stats into New Relic quick and easily.

Works Great, Why not make this more known?

  • By App Dev
  • on 08/24/2015

Works great: quick setup, and easy customization. The only pain is the documentations could be more clear and concise. Everyone who uses AWS and New Relic should be using this!

Nice and simple

  • By James Knowles
  • on 12/10/2014

Really easy to setup. Could do with maybe a video guide but otherwise an excellent add-on for new relic.

Awesome! But version 6 has need of a minor tweak

  • By Jehandad Kamal
  • on 11/18/2014

Works as expected! To get more info on what Access Keys created from IAM should have in user policy, u have to head out to github. Also, I had to manually get into the machine to start the ruby app which made it work!

Nice reports and graphs for AWS

  • By Loyalty Commerce
  • on 10/24/2014

This plugin works exactly as described. It was easy to install by following the instructions and pasting in appropriate keys into user-data. The resulting stats and charts give you a helpful view into the health of your AWS resources.

Simple, easy to install, and provides a lot of insight

  • By Newstex Newsbroker
  • on 09/10/2014

This same AMI/Application supports all of the AWS plugins that NewRelic offers, SQS, SNS, EC2, ELB, RDS... My only complaint is that you HAVE to input your credentials directly into the user data, it won't take an EC2 Role.

Just works!

  • By Social Radar
  • on 08/18/2014

Followed install instructions and all our data showed up on newrelic right away. We now have new relic alarms setup in newrelic along side other services that they provide.

Almost perfect

  • By Christian
  • on 08/13/2014

It is almost perfect. It was so easy to launch but then the instructions about setting user data didn't match with what I could see and ultimately I had to spend an hour finding where to add my config (AWS keys and New Relic key.)

If the instructions were updated, OR even better, if there was a script you could just run if you were forced to ssh in then this would have 5 stars.

Works as advertised

  • By Troels Knak-Nielsen
  • on 08/04/2014

Not much to say - it just works. That's about all there is to say. I need to write twenty words to submit this review. Think I'm there now.