ELK Stack (PV) built by Stratalux

Starting from $0.05 to $0.05/hr for software + AWS usage fees

ELK stack is the leading open-source centralized log management solution for companies who want the benefits of a centralized logging solution without the enterprise software price. ELK stack provides a centralized and searchable repository for all your infrastructure logs providing a unique and holistic insight to your infrastructure. The ELK stack built by Stratalux AMI has been configured with all the basic components that together make a complete working solution. Included in this AMI are the Logstash server, Kibana web interface, ElasticSearch storage and Redis data structure server. S... See more

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default login doesnt even work

  • By Superscale Wifi
  • on 04/20/2016

probably fails since the aws change to longer instance ids. can't find any documentation or support. . . . . . . .

you're better off creating your own

  • By Zefr Admin
  • on 01/30/2016

no documentation. no use. not a black box. configuring files in


doesn't yield expected results. I found this to be a time sink and determined that i was better off building my own instance.

pretty good

  • By Felipe
  • on 03/24/2015

I launched an m3.large with the latest version 1.3 following the documentation page, it worked as expected. I still had to configure the logstash filters for my log patterns. I like the fact that it supports both NXLog and logstash agent. I have already 4 Windows servers shipping logs with nxlog and 2 linux boxes using logstash-agent. Seems pretty stable, so I'm intending to configure the rest of the servers to ship logs to this instance. The general impression is good,it would have be nice though to have some pre-defined patterns for the usual apps like IIS, syslog, apache2

Doesn't get you very far

  • By Michael Rodov
  • on 09/22/2014

I used for 2 days or so rather than going through the effort required to setup a server from scratch, however I might as well not bothered as I had to make considerable config changes and update Kibana etc. Before long I decided to setup a machine from scratch with provisioning. This isn't a "launch and forget" type AMI, due to the need to configure Logstash, and this AMI doesn't provide any solution in that regard.

Works great but lacks documentation

  • By Dataninja
  • on 09/28/2013

The instance works right out the box but somewhat lacks documentation. I first pointed my browser to the machine on port 80 expecting to hit some web interface but I was greeted by an http basic login prompt. I looked at the marketplace page for this instance and found a support link pointing to the community logstash site. This was not helful to log onto the machine. I finally found the htpassword file and generated a new one. Other than that the machine works very well, I enabled rsyslog in logstash and I am now collecting and analyzing logs from over 20 machines.

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