ORBX Cloud Game Console (Linux)

ORBX Cloud Game Console is the world's first turn-key high performance cloud desktop solution specifically designed for streaming high-end remote graphics and games. Use this AMI to stream a Windows based virtual desktop, hosted in the cloud, to a web browser anywhere in the world. - Unleash the full power of the cloud on your favorite games and graphics applications. Offering nearly 2x the GPU power of an XBOX ONE on G2 instances, the ORBX Cloud Console delivers next generation gaming 'out of the box. - Access your performance intensive games and applications from any device, regardless... See more

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Unfortunately it does now work properly

  • By Lucian Ilea
  • on 06/15/2016

The basic graphic driver for the very weak onboard graphics card is disabled by default...but this does not help
All the Nvidia demos fail to load,including the Apollo 'landing
Even navigating the Windows 2d and stupid Metro interface is a painfull experience
Firing up a simple game such as Ascent space game is...a nice postcard demonstration:)))
Yes,I have tried to reinstall all Nvidia Cuda and Physx and card drivers
This is raher an old Nvidia card
Nevertheless,in CGX it works fine..

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