Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition - 500 IOPS (BYOL)

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Configuration of DB is easy, problems with additional storage

  • By Roee Ebenstein - OSU account
  • on 02/28/2015

When creating the machine, after logging in - a DB will be created.
This process is nice and easy.

The only thing that bugged me is that there is no option to use the same password for all the Oracle system accounts.

The thing that bugged me more -
When increasing the storage size, the /u01 file system mount size (for the Oracle data files) did not increase, although the device itself was bigger.
When creating an additional device for it - it is not mapped, but requires manual device creation.


  • By Avinash
  • on 11/04/2014

We deployed 3 instance, no problem at initial time but now none of them are working. I am not happy with the service.

Could Not Get App to Run

  • By John
  • on 05/06/2014

Launching this app was a bust. I tried several launches of Oracle db 11g EE and could not get the web interface to load. Instructions on how to load it was not easy to find. People value their time. Oracle and other developers need to take this into account when selling their wares.

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