Aerospike Database Version 3 - Community Edition (CE)

Aerospike is an enterprise-class, NoSQL database solution for real-time operational applications. It delivers: (1) predictable performance at scale (consistent per server transaction rate of at least 1M TPS); (2) high availability and uptime (demonstrated uptime of five 9s); (3) superior scalability (enables adding capacity while in production and reliably handles millions of TPS); and (4) the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to first-generation NoSQL and relational databases (improved performance at 20% of their TCO). Aerospike's unique hybrid memory architecture allows it t... See more

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awesome product and you can easily maximize throughput on EC2 to obtain high level of TPS

  • By mohammadreza hoseiny
  • on 03/14/2016

One of the best NoSQL DB product that allows you to easily maximize throughput on Amazon EC2 to obtain high TPS

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