This BLAST AMI is a very exciting development as it allows users to perform sequence similarity searches without restriction they might encounter at a public website and without the work of setting up stand-alone BLAST. The AMI includes a FUSE client that automatically downloads the most popular BLAST databases from the NCBI, and users can still upload their own custom databases. The AMI allows users to run stand-alone searches with the BLAST+ applications, submit searches through a subset of the NCBI-BLAST URL API, and perform searches with a simplified webpage. See more

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Exactly whats on the tin

  • By zach cp
  • on 04/18/2018

Up-to-date and easy to update blast DBs for all of NCBIs major databases. Having an out-of-the-box ready-to go image for blast with makes it a breeze to setup and get started on large jobs.

Good work NCBI!

Cannot be stopped and started again. Make sure you finish all you need to do before stopping the instance.

  • By Eirik Søvik
  • on 04/24/2016

Works great, but expect a few hours to populate the BLAST database. If you stop the instance, it cannot be started again. This gets a bit frustrating. It also means that you need to download the db while running whichever instance you plan to use for your BLAST searches.

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