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While there are a lot of content management systems out there, few can boast as many downloads as Joomla! A vibrant community of over 200,000 developers and users has contributed over 10,000 free and commercial plugins, offers global and local meetups (and even a Joomla! community magazine), and commits frequently to the code base. Originally released in 2005, Joomla! has powerful yet easy-to-use features such as a WYSIWYG editor that resembles popular word processing software, content scheduling, SEO-friendly URLs, and extensibility for true customization. Core Joomla! templates are built... See more

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This release is completely broken

  • By Christoph
  • on 04/30/2016

This release is absolutely useless. We tried for several hours to do a update from 3.5.0 to 3.5.1 with no luck. We also used nearly every update guide on the web. Seems that this release is completely broken, because even normal changing configuration in Joomla seems to buggy. Sometimes it works, sometimes you get a white screen.

not the droids your looking for

  • By Paul Cornelius
  • on 08/03/2015

I found this product utterly useless as I have spent three long nights researching and implementing various programs that would allow me to do ftp like file transfers to the directories that the site resides in ... Every template I've ever used requires content and scripts to be uploaded to the site folders. it was very complicated to use and frustrating as it always seemed as if I did this or that it would work but it never did .... now I'm mostly concerned about how to close my account which is yet another topic to research .... lots of work no results

Wonderful product

  • By Martha
  • on 11/15/2014

I'm not infrastructure engineer, but I can get fast joomla and server in a few clicks.
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No T2 Instances to select with

  • By Skytomato Sdn Bhd
  • on 08/14/2014

It works, very easy to install and you get latest version of Joomla. Hopefully they will add t2 instance for this ami.

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