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Mantis is a complete bug-tracking system with role-based access controls, changelog support, built-in reporting, and more. It's available mobile client enables easy access from mobile devices. Why use Bitnami Certified Apps? Bitnami certifies that our images are secure, up-to-date, and packaged using industry best practices. With Bitnami you can trust what's in the app you're launching. We monitor all components and libraries for vulnerabilities, outdated components, and application updates. When one is reported, we update and release every affected listing within a couple days at most. See more

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Does what it says on the tin

  • By OWLR Studios
  • on 02/03/2014

Launched the instance and everything was working as advertised.

My only criticism would be the instructions with regards to passwords not being easier to find (certainly not as easy as some other Marketplace solutions).

Works like a good software appliance should

  • By Mark Germain
  • on 04/22/2013

Once I took the time to read instructions carefully, the product worked exactly as advertised.

Thing that took me longest was getting emails sent, which requires you to log into the machine and manipulate a configuration file.

There are very good examples of the configuration, the bit that I found annoying was needing to spend quite a while on the help and forums to work out where and what to edit.

As always, once you have done it once, it would only take you 15 minutes to go from starting an instance, to getting it all configured with a couple of projects up and and half a dozen users able to log in.

Administering is simply web pages access with admin account.

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