JFrog Artifactory Open Source by Bitnami

JFrog Artifactory is an open source repository manager that both stores internally created binary artifacts and caches third party binaries in a central location. It is like a version control system for binaries that ensures all parts of the enterprise software organization are developing using the same set of binaries. JFrog Artifactory was built to tackle some real world problems with Maven, and includes features such as fine-grained permissions, LDAP integration, advanced artifacts management policies, scheduled backups, auditing, and more. JFrog Artifactory works with Maven, Ivy, and G... See more

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Easy to setup, get up and running in no time!

  • By Darren
  • on 06/08/2015

This image was a breeze to use. Initial setup was quick and easy, with helpful and concise instructions tied directly to the image (accessible from the EC2 Console, no digging around!).

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