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Dolibarr is an open source Enterprise Reource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that is both powerful and easy for non-technical users to navigate. Why use Bitnami Certified Apps? Bitnami certifies that our images are secure, up-to-date, and packaged using industry best practices. With Bitnami you can trust what's in the app you're launching. We monitor all components and libraries for vulnerabilities, outdated components, and application updates. When one is reported, we update and release every affected listing within a couple days at most. See more

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Incredible - Operational On Start

  • By MAS, Emissary Public "Minister Mario F. Stevenson"
  • on 03/02/2015

DTS 03022015-1605


RE: Dolibarr powered by Bitnami (BitRock, Inc)

Incredible was my first response! Soon as I navigated to the instance ip address -- boom; there it was -- the login page. The entire setup was no different from the test instance by Dolibarr. I spent a whole day trying to get the Dolibarr instance to Debian, but all the packages failed. So I lucked-out getting this instance.

I tried several platforms and it took a year before I came back to Dolibarr and previous times, I had problems with Bitnami. I actually tried the Microsoft AzureCloud instance from Bitnami of Dolibarr the on 03012015 and it ran so smooth that, I was shocked. This is where I ended up. Very good --- indeed. (of course it means time to get to work.....)

Thank you.

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