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Incredible - Operational On Start

  • By MAS, Emissary Public "Minister Mario F. Stevenson"
  • on 03/02/2015

DTS 03022015-1605


RE: Dolibarr powered by Bitnami (BitRock, Inc)

Incredible was my first response! Soon as I navigated to the instance ip address -- boom; there it was -- the login page. The entire setup was no different from the test instance by Dolibarr. I spent a whole day trying to get the Dolibarr instance to Debian, but all the packages failed. So I lucked-out getting this instance.

I tried several platforms and it took a year before I came back to Dolibarr and previous times, I had problems with Bitnami. I actually tried the Microsoft AzureCloud instance from Bitnami of Dolibarr the on 03012015 and it ran so smooth that, I was shocked. This is where I ended up. Very good --- indeed. (of course it means time to get to work.....)

Thank you.

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