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Up and running in minutes

  • By Neil Bostrom
  • on 02/16/2015

Great AMI, got Discourse up and running within minutes. Took me a little while to work out there was already a system user. The instructions could have been clearer around this point.

Easy to install the easy part of it

  • By Caue Rego
  • on 07/08/2014

Beyond this installation, you still need to configure an email server, a dns and, if you want to keep up to date with official releases, a docker on aws so you can easily update it.

So, it's not of much use in reality. Try the official Discourse steps instead.


  • By James
  • on 02/12/2014

Discourse is great forum software, just paying $180 a year for an AWS virtual server to run it is too much.

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