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CentOS 7 (x86_64) - with Updates HVM | 2002_01

Linux/Unix, CentOS 7 - 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

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    Jason Floyd

Doesn't work with user-data script!

  • May 08, 2018
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

These official CentOS images do not work with user-data scripts! just a simple script like below will fail:

echo "asdf" > /tmp/foo.txt

    Thomas Jones

At least It's better than their CentOS 6 AMIs...

  • October 21, 2015
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

To be honest, the AMIs from CentOS.Org are generally disappointing. While they're great starting points for creating more useful AMIs, they're not otherwise well-suited for generic use.

While it's nice that they're finally releasing AMIs with cloud-init, it's a bit disappointing that the AWS cli tools aren't included. It's really not that hard to export the SRPMs from an Amazon Linux instance and build them for other instance types. So, really not sure why CentOS doesn't include them. It's literally five minutes worth of work (if'you've scripted the process out). That they don't even include the awscli package from either pypi or from S3 is even more disappointing - as there's next to zero work to install that package.

Why is this a gripe-point for me? No AWS CLI tools greatly limits what you can do with your AMI: there's little point attaching an instance role if you've got no tools to make use of that role; if you want to make use of the HVM optimized drivers, no AWS RPMs means you're kinda boned, too.

    Vasili Syrakis

Can't launch via API

  • September 03, 2015
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

I would rate 5 stars if it could be used to launch EC2 instances via the API... Apparently I need to accept terms and subscribe (which I've already done).

    Tim Gerk

Not the same as CentOS 7 Minimal distro, Not updated.

  • May 18, 2015
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

I feel misled. Systemd and firewalld are not installed or enabled on this image. Whether or not I like these changes from earlier major CentOS versions, I did not expect the AMI to diverge from the canonical minimal distribution.

Despite the title, the AMI is not up-to-date when started. You will still need to yum update and reboot first thing.

    FocalX Solutions

Upgrade need quite some learning curve

  • November 08, 2014
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

Upgrade between CentOS 6 to 7 is quite some different than 5 to 6 or even 4 to 5. CentOS 7 has some fundamental changes that require you to re-establish your admin routine.
Some of the big changes include but not limited to:
1. systemd replacing System V Init
2. MariaDB replacing MySQL
3. firewalld replacing iptables ip6tables
4. Kernel 3.1
5. XFS supported by default instead of ext4
6 Docker container support

Unless you have been following Fedora closely, you may have quite some learning curve before get use to admin CentOS 7.

Also, EPEL repository is still quite empty. So, for production, I would recommend to stay with 6.5 for a little longer.

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