Teradici PCoIP Connection Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces

The Teradici PCoIP Connection Manager is a free software appliance that enables the connection of PCoIP Zero Clients to Amazon WorkSpaces. PCoIP Zero Clients combined with Amazon WorkSpaces provide a simple, secure, and easy to manage cloud desktop solution that delivers a seamless user experience. Together they deliver the flexibility to scale your cloud desktop deployment as your business changes. PCoIP Zero Clients are stateless devices with an average lifespan of 7 years. They cost less than traditional PCs or laptops, and consume a fraction of the energy and deliver a high performance ... See more

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Not usable in eu-central (Frankfurt) Region

  • By Robsen
  • on 05/13/2017

First of all: The Software is available for the eu-central Region but does not work with Workspaces, because of an authentication issue. I raised a Support Ticket with AWS in January 2017 and the issue is still not fixed.

The software itself is very easy to implement and there is also a way to make them redundant over to AZs. And in the eu-west region where I tested it, it worked as it should. Therefore the 5 stars.

Love it!

  • By AWS User
  • on 08/26/2015

This solution works great for us and now you can run it on smaller instance types! We highly recommend it for zero client deployment.

Simple and works well

  • By CMH
  • on 08/26/2015

Easy to set up. Now that it runs on t2.micro it is cost effective for a small workspaces deployment.

Perfect for Zero Clients

  • By Bob Alger
  • on 08/24/2015

We are very happy with this solution. We typically setup two of these servers up in separate availability zones for redundancy.

m3.medium ????

  • By KF-TECH
  • on 02/12/2015

This software works pretty well but the m3.medium is complete over kill! Having the ability to add more than one registration code would be nice as well.

Why medium?

  • By Div
  • on 01/25/2015

This software never has any load, it would run on a small instance without an issue. Why force a medium instance?

The product does what it says it does, but why force a medium instance??

Works well but requires an expensive EC2 instance if you only have a few zero clients

  • By Buford Scott
  • on 01/19/2015

The server instance works well, but with the minimum server size being a m3.medium it is an expensive solution for a network with only a few zero clients. The maximum load on the server at any time is very small so it feels unnecessary to be forced to use such a large type.

EDIT - small instance types are now available on this ami

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