Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000V - AX Pkg. Max Performance

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The AX Technology Package for Maximum Performance version of Cisco's Cloud Services Router (CSR1000V) delivers the maximum performance available in AWS cloud for virtual... See more

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CSR1000V easy and effective

  • By Walker Hutchinson, DevOps Manager and Enterprise Architect.
  • on 07/06/2018

we use CSR1000v perpetual license using a transit VPC and put heavy traffic through them. we have around 50 VPCs and we can add new VPCs by just adding a tag in the VGW which a lambda reads and creates the tunnel between the VPC and the CSRs. its very easy to mange. we use DMVPN as well. we have used them for YEARS and find it a very valuable assets. we have Transit VPCs on east and West coasts.

The other complains make me laugh a bit, its a small thing to learn the new changes and there is plenty enough information to get them setup.

There is even a cloudformation scrip that will do it for you, but it wont take any experienced Devops engineer long to figure out how to configure it all through terraform.

Worst product ever.

  • By Had-enuf-cisco
  • on 03/23/2018

Cisco changed the way the CSR is managed between versions 16.6.1 and 16.7.1 in a non-backwards compatible way and said nothing about it.
What this means is, if you planned to use DMVPN in an HA config on AWS, you can ignore the last 5+ years of documentation. None of it works now.
We're stuck on ver. 16.6.1 unless we re-architecht our AWS infrastructure at this point.
Cisco waits 3+ months after a new IOS XE is released before making it available to AWS users. So, if there are critical or remotely exploitable bugs... you're out of luck.
You say a new version has come out and you're ready to upgrade? Good luck with that. The only way to upgrade is to back up your config and create entirely new VMs with new ENIs, etc. Far from painless.
Found a bug? Get ready to keep it to yourself as AWS could care less and they won't inform Cisco. In fact, there's no way to inform Cisco without purchasing a support contract - just to tell them you've found a bug.
For a product that costs approximately $7,000/year to use in the default config, some support should be included.
I cannot recommend this product to anyone. Explore the alternatives.

login details not provided

  • By DTF
  • on 02/03/2018

Cannot login to the router due to lack of details, also there is no support contact for the cisco product

Awesome !

  • By bcrogerz
  • on 01/18/2018

we were able to quickly spin up the instance with little overhead.
ofcourse it needed some prework interms of having the VPN , VPC setup before starting to use. the free trial of 30 days was sweet cos we were doing a POC and were able to complete that with no issues. thank you CISCO / AWS

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