CGX 3D desktop remoting for Windows Server 2012 R2

Starting from $0.30/hr or from $1,000.00/yr (62% savings) for software + AWS usage fees

Scalable Graphics CGX AMI for NVIDIA allows you to finally leverage the full power of the AWS NVIDIA GRID based GPU instances (g2.2xlarge and g2.8xlarge) to run your 3D games or 3D applications from the cloud from any Internet connected device, with low latency and high image fidelity. In two simple steps: 1) launch your instance, 2) download our client for your device, you are up and running to stream virtually any 3D program from the AWS cloud, and to interact with it. You can run the latest AAA video games in high resolution with extremely low latency, or the most demanding 3D applicatio... See more

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Wonderfull product

  • By
  • on 03/17/2017

I use it to finish through the bake processes in game engines and it works perfectly for me, of course the graphics do not happen in real time on my machine, but the goal is not this, I'm a long way away. But I use all the power of the platform and it works wonderfully.

Not ready for use

  • By Mark
  • on 12/24/2016

It took 10 times to connect the first time and it was extremely slow and glitchy and would only stay connected for a minute or so at a time. I tried it twice just to verify it wasn't something on my machine, big waste of $.60


  • By 3koozy
  • on 08/27/2016

very good experience. good quality , low latency. spent about 3 hours , trying some games , and some benchmarks. considering trying it again in the future.

Excellent performance,but the 30 GB SSD is too little for it

  • By Lucian Ilea
  • on 06/14/2016

The CGX panel can only be run at 1280*800 or HD resolution
I have a monitor of 1680*1050 I run at HD:)))
most games (modern games using Directx 11 and 12) cannot be run at 1280*800
Also the 30 GB default SSD provisioned with the g2 instance is laughable(they say 60 GB in the description)

So I had to delete the instance and recreate it with a healthy 1 TB SSD which only cost me 100 dollars per month(vis-a-vis 800 dollars per month for the very expensive CGX software-30 cents per hour and the g2 instance)
be wary:the prices in EU are 1.5 times greater than those in North America!!!

great performance in all my games though:Fractured Space,Inquisition Dragon Age,Assasins Creed Unity,Ascent space game and of course,Witcher 3:)))
the image appears to be blurry though

Also...CGX please remove the bloody poor decoder and packet loss informations
I do not need my game to be covered with trivialities:)))

Not good enough for AAA Cloud gaming

  • By Thomas Deneyer
  • on 03/28/2016

I've tested this for two hours & directly uninstalled it afterwards. Although I like the way scalable graphics thinks, the image/software is not good enough for proper Cloud gaming.

Some examples:
-DirectX error when launching games
-No game platform preinstalled (like steam / origin)
-Mouse input not properly handled (client issue?)

Wasn't able to access

  • By FollowTheMedia
  • on 07/16/2015

I wasn't able to access the instance through the custom client provided by the company, using the default configuration.

I could access the NVIDIA AMI, though, so it's unlikely to be related to VPC misconfiguration.

I am willing to modify this review in the future if something changes.


I wasn't able to access due to strict firewall rules on the machine that hosted the client. Once I opened all ports and enabled DMZ on that machine, everything went fine.

After testing this server

  • By Kirill
  • on 04/15/2015

Excellent perfomance. Run all game 1080p 60fps, very low latency and great graphics. I used it from Russia, server is Ireland and all was well.

Everything but the Decoding is alright.

  • By Eugen Serwotka
  • on 12/23/2014

So i used this AMI for a bit now and i can say the quality is amazing.
Only problem is that decoding at 1920x1080 gets like 10FPS on my Computer.
I do not own the best GPU or CPU but they are avg..
So i tried to use AMD UVD which doesnt seem to be supported.
Otherwise Mouse/Keyboard Interaction is working nice as the Stream Quality.
All i really need is a good AMD HW Decoder.
I have a AMD R7 260X.
Installation was really easy which wasnt at the AMI of nVidia.

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