Movie Masher

Starting from $0.01 to $1.60/hr for software + AWS usage fees

The Movie Masher AMI includes the moviemasher.js, angular-moviemasher and moviemasher.rb open source projects, which together provide the front and back ends of this complete audio/video editing system. Advanced JavaScript facilitates a realtime, low resolution preview in the browser, while FFmpeg is utilized under the hood to render a final video from high resolution source material. The result can be formatted as needed for download, upload to third-party sites, podcast or broadcast. See more

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Test Movie Masher

  • By jack
  • on 08/03/2016

Transcoding audio and video is extremely processor intensive, so while installation might be possible on most machines it isn't reccommended for all environments. In particular, running alongside a web server is only practical for demonstration purposes. Typically in production a pool of machines is deployed with each instance running a single process solely engaged in transcoding.

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