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Flapps is an enterprise employee time tracking and time off management application that allows employees to submit absence requests, line managers to approve/decline the request and payroll/HR department to keep track of all absences, entitlements and balances and run payroll reports. For project managers, it is a tool to track project time and monitor progress and costs in real-time; for company owners it is a tool that brings transparency to the work being done and employee costs; for employees it is a tool to better manage their time and increase their productivity. Flapps lets companies... See more

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Excellent product with excellent customer support

  • By Patrick Kevin
  • on 01/14/2016

This software is super company friendly and very helpful when an issue crops up. Our company has offices in several countries ranching form Europe to North America so we face slightly more challenges than your average company. For example we have different national holidays to accommodate for our employees around the world.

With Flapps we were able to set up calendars for all the different days that people were entitled to have off. Even for the days that were not included in their service they still took time to add them to our database. It’s hard to find a team how will go the extra mile for you but the guys at Flapps couldn’t be more helpful.

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